Patience, And More Patience

There are moments in our lives that our patience is tested to its fullest, when we least expect it. Being a new resident to this country, I am very enthusiastic in watching people of different color and culture in the street or just anywhere where I head to. This country is so culturally diverse that wherever we go, expect to see new kind of people. And, I enjoy that.

KISA always reminds me that people can be mean and rude, but I did not listen to him with all ears. I always have a good perception about people, and that people are generally trustworthy. After one incident the other night with a woman, this view of mine was put into the trash. An incident that started as a fun event for the kids, and my first shot on being culture shock. After what happened, I am all eyes and ears about my surroundings. A little odd detail will send me away from whatever situation I am in to. It is a lesson learned, a lesson that must be embedded in my mind all the time.


One thought on “Patience, And More Patience

  1. hi ting, musta na ang maganda dito? do you know that patience is a virtue? it would be great that you are a patient person than impatient right?

    hope your days are well dear…

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