Holiday Season Is Here, Giftgiving Comes Near!

Time flies so fast. A few months from now, it is already the holiday season. A time to give and receive presents from friends and families. It is the season that everyone is waiting for. For me, getting corporate gifts is the best. My last employment in the Philippines was by far a topper. I looked forward to see what the company gave to the employees. It ranged from gift baskets to novelty items.

In the corporate arena, giving corporate gifts to clients and other important business connection is a form of strengthening public relations. It is a mean to extending gratitude for a great business relations. Companies who make these corporate gifts are also rejoicing. It is also the time wherein their sales skyrocket.

But for now, I am not expecting anything. The Philippines and the US have different views on this thing. Well, all I know is – I am lucky to have a job when the economy is tough.


4 thoughts on “Holiday Season Is Here, Giftgiving Comes Near!

  1. Oo nga noh, only few months from now pasko at bagong taon na! Panahon na naman ng sangkatutak na gastusin! he..he.. Ako nga at June I start buying gifts na para mapuno ko na yung balikbayan box na ipapadala ko sa pinas! Hirap kapag alam nilang sa ibang bansa ka nag tratrabaho kailangan lagi kang may ipapadala sa mga nasa pinas pag pasko. he..he.. pag wala, magtatampo! ha..ha.. Anyway, nice blog po! I add you to my link!

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