Trendy Kids, Trendy Electronic Gadgets

Children are more techie nowadays. They adapt to new electronic gadgets very easily as compared to adults. It is a fad and a must for some to have these expensive toys. Gone are the days when board games top the chart. Now, PC and video gaming rules the world of children’s playtime. Have you heard of Prince of Persia Warrior Within or FIFA Street 2? If you like Xbox Games, you probably have. What about Madden NFL Football 08 2008 or Nascar 08? Yes, they are PS3 Games. Children with these kind of toys must be very lucky, because not every parent can afford it. It is mighty expensive and hard to find sometimes. I could still remember during Black Friday (the day after thanksgiving) last year, a lot of electronic stores ran out of stocks of these gadgets. A lot of people were fighting for their turn to buy, and even stayed overnight just to be the first in line. Sounds pathetic, right? But that is how famous and in demand these games are.

As for Amber, she wants a DS for her birthday. I barely have no time to save for it. It has to come with DS Games too or else she can not enjoy it. I am crossing my fingers that I can buy it for her though. It will be a dream come for her. She has been bugging me about it every time we got to stores. Her Barbie dolls are no longer interesting for her, because she sees children playing gadgets more. A kid will always be a kid, always keeping abreast with what other kids have or do.


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