I Dream Of Traveling

Traveling is one childhood dream that has yet to be fulfilled. In fact, it is one of the items posted in my dream board, which I attached in my refrigerator’s door. Hopefully, getting a US greencard will make it easier for me to travel around the world with less restrictions. And so, I am preparing myself to explore the US and hopefully, the world.

If there is one other state in the US that I want to visit first, it would be New York City. I adore seeing the high-rise skyscrapers and the trendy people, dressed like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City. I know for a fact that New York hotels are very expensive. Hopefully, I can decide soon so that I can book as early as six months in advance. My next choice would be Chicago. I want to see Oprah. I emailed the show for a free ticket about a year ago, but until now, I do not have a reply. It only means that there are a lot of people, mostly women, who are in dire need to see the show. I am not losing my hope. I will wait even if it takes forever.

Outside the country, it is Rome! KISA had been there when he was younger, and I asked him if he can show me the place. For me, Rome equates to romance and love. The people are nice and friendly. Its culture is still intact amidst the globalization of its neighboring countries.

There it is, my list of places to visit. What’s yours?


3 thoughts on “I Dream Of Traveling

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  2. hi ting,

    musta? nice bitaw jud mag travel. nice pud karon dari ky cebu p is having a promo time to time… went to bangkok last year. 7t+ mla-bkk-mla na fare. plan to visit saigon this last quarter. 7t+ ra pud ako mla-sgn-mla. payts na… 🙂 big discounts man gud esp non-peak travel dates and time. naa man daw sad mga promo fares sa international flights from US. early booking lang. tapos if mag re-book ka… bayad ka re-booking mahal na dayon. 😦 planning lang jud ang katapat ana. heheh

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