Mailboxes: An Expression Of Personality

After I arrived in the country last September 2007, I found myself jobless and bored to death especially when I am home alone. I had to wait for my employment permit, and social security number before I could even apply for any job. For the whole eight months, I had nothing to do but wait for the postman to stop and put something in our Mailbox. Bizarre as it may seems, I enjoyed receiving junk and unsolicited mails. It was my way to get acquainted with the products and services in my new country. It was totally new to me. Back in the Philippines, companies do not bother sending these marketing materials to common people. I do not blame them. Only few residence, mostly the rich and famous, take pride in having dedicated Mailboxes.

Whenever I jog, I usually look at peoples’ Mail boxes. It somewhat reflects the collective personality of the individuals living in it. The fancier it gets, the more it catches attention. It may be located outside the house, but it plays a big part of it. It gives the first impression to the visitors and passers-by. In fact, some people spend so much monies just to have the best. In marketing, it is like branding and image setting. During holidays and special occasions, people hang decors and accessories to compliment and accentuate the spirit of the season. I like mailbox-watching -residential or commercial.


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