Savings On Printer Ink And Toner Cartridges

The rising gas price is really getting in our nerves. KISA and I decided that we will transfer Amber to a nearby Summer Camp facility. The Summer Camp that she is attending now is too far away from home, and it cost gallons of fuel each day, to take and pick her up. The neighboring Summer Camp is quite expensive, but we have no choice. We have to minimize the travel time for each trips. In case you do not know, I do not drive, so KISA has to do all the vehicle mobility in the household. Hence, we are back to zero. I have to complete various forms again relating to this transfer. Just when I was about to print the paperwork for Amber’s enrollment, the inkjet cartridge of our printer gave in. It went empty. This is another unexpected expenditure for this month, as we all know, original printer ink and toner cartridges can be expensive. As for our HP printer, it will cost us around seventy dollars to replace both black and colored cartridges. Well, it is a lot of money. And so, I look into the Internet for possible substitute.

When I was in the Philippines, I know that compatible cartridges for printers, copiers, and all-in-one machines are widely used and available. Since I am now in the US, I want to find a store that sell them. Online availability is much better. Actually, it is not all about the price. I am seeking for a quality products that guarantees against defect for one whole year and a company that has great after-sale support services. I am thinking of just buying it online. Anyway, its delivery is only 2-3 days. With the amount I can save, I can wait.  I am glad that I have found again another way to stretch our budget.


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