GreenCard Hunters, where are they from?

My husband told me that our good friend Laza had a Filipina acquaintance in California last week. Guess what the Filipina (a Tagalog) said to our friend? “Be careful with Pinays from the southern part of the Philippines. They just want greencards”.

This statement just blew me away. I do not have the slightest idea that the Tagalogs have negative perception of the Bisayas. I mean, are we that little in their eyes? I just replied, “You know what, I am tired of depending ourselves especially when a Pinay herself belittle her own people”. Anyway, you decide people.


11 thoughts on “GreenCard Hunters, where are they from?

  1. In a way, yes, i believe theres some truths to that. Im from Iligan and yes i married for the visa. My falling in love with my husband came after knowing him more and more everyday. Truth hurts —ony to those not true to themselves. Lighten up people

  2. I’m an American in Iligan City right now working with a company that I contract to develop high performance websites for me. This shop has around 40 young web developers that as a group are as good as many of the shops I’ve worked with in the US.

    I would have to disagree with the green card statement at least among the young professionals here. In the two weeks I’ve been here no one has approached me about it even though the opportunity may be there.

  3. In what reliable survey did that filipina got this idea from? Most people from Luzon have not visited the southern part of the Philippines and they make generalizations. Some could not even understand bisaya, lucky us we can understand and speak tagalog. That’s why this woman is so makitid and make stupid remarks like this, she thinks she is above others just because she comes from a tagalog-speaking place, maybe she and others like her even have the notion that bisaya still climb trees? hehehe!

  4. I like reading your blogs ting rimart. And thanks for posting K3/K4 visa timeline. I found this blogsite thru googling when i was in Iligan.. thanks kaayu and God Bless.

  5. i think mostly married for visa but not everybody.

    ang ako lang kalagot kay ngano muingon pa man jud ang mga taga southern part. mao na mga tagalog uban lami kaayo ipakidnap sa abu sayaff…hehehe.

    taga asa tuod ka?

    salamat ha. added u as well 🙂

  6. Naku ha sino ba yung babae na yung para mabatukan ko lol. I’m from Iloilo and I never married my husband just because of the green card. Dang I had my own before I even meet him. I don’t like how she generalized people from the southern part like that. There some people I know that from Luzon who just married for green cards too then divorce their husband once they have their citizenship “which to me is so bizarre”. So how dare she say idiotic stuff like that!

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