Dry Drowning, A Silent Killer

It is summer time. It is time to enjoy the coolness of water in the nearby pool or beach. Bringing the kids and hearing them splashing the water, what a great joy it brings. But wait a minute, do you know the danger of this?

Just recently, a South Carolina 10-year old boy died from a silent tragedy of dry drowning. Reportedly, he died after hours from swimming in the pool. Before that, he walked home, talked and looked normal. His parents did not suspect any threat, but they were proven wrong.

Dry drowning transpires when a person’s lungs can no longer draw oxygen from the air. A person can be drowned with very little or no liquid at all. What is painful though is – it can happen totally as an accident. It can happen in hospitals and dental chairs, particularly laryngospasm, one cause of dry drowning.This kind of spasm can be triggered after a clinical operation when tubes are taken off from the throat and it is a danger for some people during dental procedures wherein water can strike the throat. People with chronic coughs and throat irritations are more prone to this reflex.

Dry drowning is a silent killer. Be forewarned, parents. Be cautious.


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