Farewell To Movie Actor Rudy Fernandez

Since I do not have TFC subscription in my house, I usually visit PinoyChannel.Tv to get updates about Philippine current news and events. I maybe physically far, but my heart still belongs to the Philippines. This morning when I logged in to the site, I was shocked to see a news concerning the death of actor Rudy Fernandez. I am not really a big fan of him, but I consider him as one of the best actors of our time. Not only that, I admire his well-publicized marriage with his wife Lorna Tolentino, which lasted till the day he died. As you know, it is not common for celebrity couples to stay long.

At 55 years old, Fernandez left his beloved family and friends after he lost his two-year battle with cancer on June 7,2008 6:15AM Philippine time. Truly, his death is a big loss to the movie industry. He is in heaven now, rejoining our Almighty God. Farewell, Rudy Fernandez.


2 thoughts on “Farewell To Movie Actor Rudy Fernandez

  1. I am not familiar with Filipino Cinema but I love film. The loss of the artists who being us joy through that medium is one that is felt throughout the culture of a people.

    My condolences.

  2. HELLO… i just want to give my deepest sorrow sa buong pamilya ni RUDY fernandez…. huh! umiiyak na rin yata ako…
    kc idol ko po siya….CONDOLENCE PO sa lahat ng naiwan ni rudy….
    Sayang naman … shock po ako sa news pagbukas ko ng celfone…kaya tiningnan ko ulit sa internet kung totoo….
    grabe… kakalungkot .. wala na ang idol ko….


    Tokyo, Jap

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