Hanjin Shipyard in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental Stopped!

Before I left the Philippines, there was this big buzz regarding a $2-billion Korean shipyard investment in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. A lot of people were happy, I for one. It would mean more employment for the local people. By local – I do not only mean Villanueva or Tagoloan. It means the whole Northern Mindanao populace. This project would surely boost the economy of the region as well as the whole nation.

It is a shame though that this multi-billion dollar project was discontinued because of political issues (what else). Mayor Paulino Emano of Tagoloan and Mayor Juliet Uy of Villanueva are in the hot spot. These two political figures are being investigated concerning an alleged extortion situation. Honestly, I do not believe anymore in the sincerity of our government officials. I am not stereo-typing but I hope that the truth will prevail.

You maybe wondering why I feel so strongly about this issue. Well, the shipyard project was supposed to be built beside the power plant I worked for. I know how important these foreign investment to locals. For me, it changed my life. It got better. I just got lucky though because when I was employed, the “local employment” bullshit was no big deal that time. I was hired because my superior believed in my capabilities and skills, and NOT because the mayor recommended me. I was just a plain lass in a far flung place.

One thing that I strongly disagree is – the hiring of incompetent workers. I know that they have this MOA somewhere stating that workers must be locals. BUT come on, it is an investment, NOT a charity. Are the tax monies collected from these foreign investments not enough? If you are the owner of a company, would you hire a farmer for the position of a welder? They are building ships for goodness sake! Also, why limit employment only to municipalities geographically involved, when you could find qualified workers in the nearby towns?

Anyway, just my two cents.


10 thoughts on “Hanjin Shipyard in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental Stopped!

  1. I am Ronald, I am now working as an International Compliance Inspector Engineer in a very respected company in the world. I am now assigned in Hanjin Heavy Industry to inspect their projects in accordance to the existing international regulations for building ships. Hanjin Heavy Industry stretched their arms to the Philippines because they understand the capability of Filipinos.

    Hanjin will build the biggest containership ever built in the history of mankind and the construction of this vessel until its delivery will be done in the Philippines. There are many orders from many countries of these container ships. That’s why they again stretch one more arm to Mindanao because Hanjin Subic can not handle those incoming projects alone. Korean Firm stretched their arms to the Philippines in two locations to help our government and constituents.

    big amount of taxes of what I buy and 32% of my income goes to govt tax, including all of the people who paid their taxes goes to the government and eventually paid for the salary of these local officials of misamis oriental, and this is what we get!!!!Why do we have to pay tax if this is what we get? Korean Government deduct income taxes lower compared to us, but look at the city of Korea, no street traffic enforcers(no kotong), streets have very organized traffic signs, streets are very clean, technology is very advance, salaries are very high, Korean People had a very nice jobs. For Local Officials of Misamis Oriental it is very disappointing for the people of the Republic of the Philippines paying you your salaries from our pockets (galing po yan sa katas ng pawis at dugo sa hirap ng pagtatrabaho), absolutely you are not helping our country and your constituent.
    Nothing but Personal Interest, Personal Interest and most of all Personal Interest. DAPAT DI NA KAYO PAUPUIN AT PASAHURIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think you visit our municipality of villanueva,mis.or and make
    investigation and observed how the municipal officials do their
    best. Please do not relay on humors and political backbiting
    but you may visit us to clarify the real issues and concerned.
    please try to visit the PIA and PEZA either in local and national
    office. We have applaudable visible projects and even intangible benefits to the masses. pls do not hesitate to visit
    SB villanueva,mis.or. Its unfair for us we are looking forward
    the economic development of our town most especially our
    mission is NO FAMILY LEFT BEHIND. tnx. GOD BLESS

      • She is known to be a Boxer…and Her alipores as karate expert…when she grab the money..you cannot open her fist anymore..means everything ay sa kanya…yung alipores…hati-hati..sa iyo yan, sa akin to…when I work in the construction of the power plant..alalay lang nya pag hindi painapasok agad parang mayor narin…and lastly i still remember the greening STEAG…planting of CARABAO GRASS…the CARABAO is in the Municipality Hall and the GRASS is in the site..hay sosme pag nereject hindi magbigay ng occupancy permit…db rans..

  3. Pleased be informed that our municipality has various
    projects such as industrial plants like PSC,steag state power,
    LMC, pilipinas shell lpg, cargill-purina, and so may medium/small
    enterprises, we are looking the commencement of HANJIN shipyard, MRF, certified corn seeds production, firebricks coming
    industrial waste and some other livelihood projects to informal

  4. hi. i was trying to surf at yahoo if by chance my name would appear. luckily, a namesake did show up as indicated above. is it possible to get in touch with him?

    thank you.

  5. I agree with Ronald.I was born and live in balingoan mis. or. and studied in Cagayan de oro city. this provence of Mindanao is the same as other provences,towns, baranggays in the Philippines full of corruption from head to toe.I know all this poilitician in Mis.Or.they are all korakot.I think we are breading crocodile in our country except for one town that I knew Puerto Galera clean and beautiful which mayor received and award from Japaness goverment for his honessty and earn respect sa iyang mga taga lungsod

    May The Almighty God Bless Philippines Most Importantly the Poor.

    Thank you

  6. due to corrupt officials manning the town of villanueva, hanjin will not push through. Taas pa nga panahon ang pag-antus sa taga villanueva. Good for the people, they never learn. Bayaran lang ug gamay nga sapi, botar lang japon. Karon, libak na sad. Igo ra.

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