The Rise Of Rice Problem

As the staple food in the country, rice is the most important part in a typical Filipino meal. Without it, we seem to feel not full. For some family, rice plus sugar or salt is already a meal. We all know it not nutritious at all. But do they have a choice? None. Blame poverty. It is a family nightmare to see the ascending prices of major commodities, like food and fuel. Not all are born with silver spoons. Even employees (as long as they are not rice traders) suffers the burden of this crisis. A crisis that does not only engulfs the Philippines, but as well as rice-eating nations. It is a ripple effect the it far from vanishing. If there is shortage in Asia and a drought in Australia, expect a shortage too in countries who imports the product from them.

Rolando Dy is right. The rice crisis is actually an income crisis. There is said to be under-investment in the agricultural industry. An industry that sometimes forgotten, especially when the nation is busy talking about political scandals. But what nation is not is crisis nowadays? It ‘s like a plague. Nobody can avoid it. Also, some businessman are taking advantage of the situation. These rice hoarders do not know the words social responsibility. All they know is – how to get richer. Suckers!

About same time last year, a kilo was only Php.25.00, but now it rose up to Php.40.00+. It is insane. I wonder how poor Filipino family can eat three times a day now. How are they going to survive?

Well, let us keep our hopes up, and pray that this crisis will be over soon.


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