Another Set of Interviews

A while ago I received a call from somebody (actually, the owner) of an insurance agency I applied to as Admin Assistant. We had a little chitchat about the nature of the job, the rate, and some personal info about me. He even mentioned that I am overqualified. I just replied, “Oh no, it’s okay. I even applied as a Cashier in a retail store. That’s how desperate I am. I just need to get into the system, a job to start of”. After hearing about it, I kind of like it. It’s the kind of job I did back in the Philippines. My forte. The only drawback? It’s really far from my residence, around 30+ miles. Too much gas. Take note, I don’t know how to drive yet, so KISA will have to take me to/from work everyday. Also, he works in another city. On Friday, I’ll have an interview with him. Hopefully, this will not be another dreadful story of tardiness like the retail company interview. Lesson learned. Speaking of that retail company – they informed me that all supervisory positions were already filled up. Yes, they did not give me a second chance. I could not blame them. I blew my chance. Anyway, they said that if I am interested for a team member position, they’ll have a mass hiring at the end of the month at a nearby hotel. Honestly, I do not mind anymore what kind of job I will have as long as I am employed. Because I know for a fact that I always try to excel in any field that I am in. As long as there is a chance of advancement, why not? I don’t settle for less when I am there. Also, on Friday morning, I will have an interview with an employment agency. They want me in their list. It’s not a guarantee of employment though, but hey, I’ll try my luck. I got nothing to lose. But of course, I need to pass 2 hours of grueling exams and interviews. Whatever it takes…I will do it..just to get a job!This whole job hunting stuff can be very stressful.Sigh.
Update: 05-17-2008 1:43PM
My interview in the morning with the employment agency went very fine. I had to take 3 skill tests for about 2 hours. According to their staff, I did pretty well. My scores belong to higher class. She said, my minimum salary requirement is below what I am worth. I thanked her for the advise. Well, I was happy about it. I thought, I did bad with the test. They use a program that once you hit the wrong key, you’re doomed. No more turning back. No “undo” button. I was careful. It pays off. Now, I am just waiting a call from them to infom me of any opportunities.
At 1:30PM, I supposed to have an interview with the insurance agency, but I did not make it. I was late(again) due to an inevitable circumstances. I made a call to the interviewer and he said, he had no other time for me. My bad. But I wasn’t that “feeling bad” at all. Their office is 30+ miles away from home. Gas is so high. I can not afford the daily gas expenses. Actually, he was hoping that I could still drop by their office that afternoon but I did not. My eyes were bloody red from crying. I cried because I was so sad, sad from missing my appointment. I can not go there at that state. So now, I am planning of sending an apology email to him. He was really nice, but I need to be practical.

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