Just Another Day in Sunny Florida

I have decided to use my Blogger account to post my daily experiences and ramblings as a new resident here in sunny Florida. My life in the Philippines is totally different from here, so using the same title, “A Life Less Than Ordinary”, is no longer appropriate. Don’t get me wrong. I do not expect to be “somebody” in the US. Right now, I feel like a small fish in a big pond – to be precise, an ocean. Also, I am taking blogging to the next level. Blogging for cash, so to speak. Friends, please continue to patronize my blog site, and so I am with yours. I want to register my own domain name there, but I am still contemplating on what to use. My first choice was MySunnyFlorida.Com, but it’s already taken. I’ll take my time. I have to think. For now, you can visit my Blogger URL…

Just Another Day In Sunny Florida

If you notice,some post post are deleted. These are the post I made when I was still enjoying life in the Philippines. The post I made in FL are all in Just Another Day In Sunny Florida. I apologize for those who take the time to comment.

Thank you, and see you there.


4 thoughts on “Just Another Day in Sunny Florida

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