Unlucky Home, Lucky Burglars!

The sun was bright. The breeze was cool. A perfect day. Finally, I had my laboratory testing done relating to my massive hair fall problem. This problem started after I gave birth with Amber. According to my “old-school” mother, it’s normal. I believed her and so it did not bother me. On the contrary, my husband’s view was different. He was worried. Of course, I perceived that the last thing he wants is a balding wife. But anyway, the blood works went fine though I still have to call my doctor for an appointment (again). We stayed at the laboratory for about an hour, and then, we headed to Denny’s for a light breakfast. We had pancake and OJ. After about an hour, we decided to go to the library to borrow tons of books for Amber’s bedtime stories. You read it right. I read bedtime stories to Amber now, which I did not do when I was in the Philippines. A supermom in the making, I am. Tsk, tsk! We called it a day, and headed towards home.

We were at our garage at about 2:41pm. My husband opened the door, and the first thing he noticed…..the back glass door and the blinds open!He asked me, “Why is the door open?”. I replied, “Huh? we closed it when we left this morning”. Then he went to check our beloved 42” plasma TV…it was gone! Oh my God, we were robbed!!! You see, he is a big movie freak. Entertainment for him equates movies, so losing it was a big blow to him. He was mad. I was trembling and horrified. He dialed 911, and a few minutes after a Deputy Sheriff was in our home checking for evidences. The house was not in a mess except for some open closet and drawer doors. We were informed that two weeks ago, a house in the neighborhood was also robbed and the house was in a mess as if it was savage by a tornado. As you see in the picture, our neighborhood has a lot of pine trees. Our house is just a block away from the main road and three blocks from the highway. I do not know our neighbors..they don’t know us…that’s kind of set-up. My husband like the privacy, but I am not comfortable with the ambiance. Everyone has his/her own world. I had a different vibe with the place even before, but my husband said, “Oh, you are just watching too much news”. But here we are, in the same predicament.

Today was such a heart-pounding and unlucky day for us.


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