Happy New Year!

A prosperous new year to everyone!

It’s 2008, and here I am, still oblivious to the new world that I am in now….a house-bound wife and a full time mother of a handful one. It’s not the career that I envision for it has not much to offer for a goal-driven and career-oriented person like I am. Nevertheless, it is a role that gradually becharm me and I truly adore.

It’s been four months since I (and Amber) entered the portal of American life. Our lives change for the better. Life is good. God is good. My marriage is fantastic, even though at times, our culture clashes. Personality-wise, we are somewhat the same. He knows me too well that sometimes I hate it. He knows what and how I think, even if I don’t say a word. The difference is ….he wants me to be vocal with my feelings, whilst I like to be silent and let the ill-feeling die a natural death (which doesn’t even last an hour). See…I observe a certain rule. It is something that I learned from experiences in the corporate world…the dog-eat-dog world. It says, “there are things better left unsaid”. Basically, it means, if you can not say good things about something or somebody, just shut up. So, I always try to be discreet as much as I can especially when I am not feeling good. Hey, I am not complaining about this whole East-Meets-West thingy. It is part of the deal. It has its ups and downs, but it boils down to one. Understanding each other more deeply is a continuous journey…. a journey that I will never be tired of…for everyday, it makes me love and admire him more.

As for my daily routine, nothing much has change. I wake up around 7:45. Prepare Amber’s breakfast. Bathe her. Dress her up. Brush her teeth (Yeah, I still do it for her sometimes)..and take her to the school bus stop. Inn the afternoon, I watch Ellen. It is a very interesting show…very funny indeed. I am one of her biggest fan (maybe not in size, okay).Ha ha ha!

But anyway, life is cool. I enjoy every minute of it. Take care.


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