From the Philippines to Florida

As mentioned earlier, the trip was an awesome experience for me and Amber. It was not that bad as I expected because the time in between our flights were less than two hours each so basically, no waiting was needed, just a bunch of airport security and immigration protocols. We had to transfer to four different aircrafts, all Continental Airlines, from Manila-Guam(port of entry)-Honolulu (customs check)-Houston-Orlando. My husband bought our ticket directly from the airline’s website, so no hassle on our part. He just emailed us the ticket and viola, we were all set. The longest wait we had to endure was in Manila. Our Manila-Guam flight was set at 10:55pm, but we had to check-out at the hotel at 2:00pm or else, we had to pay a day charge. We arrived at NAIA at around 3:00PM, and the long (and winding) waiting game commenced. After five hours of boring wait (unless if you adore people-watching, which I don’t), they started to accept early check-in.Sigh. I could not remember how many security checks that we had to pass, basta, it was taking most of our pre-departure time.

The moment I stepped in the (first) plane, I was relieved, excited and a bit scared (after seeing David R. Ellis’s Snakes On a Plane a month ago, go figure). Amber was on her usual self, my restless and a handful bratty girl. She could not keep herself from fiddling anything that her eyes laid to. Oh, she liked the LCD screen in front of her, and so I ended up buying a one-dollar earphone for her that the airline sell. One major observation throughout the whole trip, the flight attendants were not really the young, tall and thin stereotype that we Filipinos think that these attendants should be. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching them. They were pleasing to my eyes, mainly because of the sincere smiles they wore all the time. The food and services were all great. On the side note, I enrolled to their OnePass mileage program, so most likely, I will use the same airline company in my future flights.


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