My Last Post in the Philippines

This is my last post with a Philippine IP address. Tonight is the night. Amber and I are set to leave for the US to join my adoring husband. I do not know when I can post again. So many things to do after arriving there. Rest assured, all will be remembered and thought of.

Thank you to those who has to put up with my attitude. Take care, my friends. I will be back (blogging) soon!!!

Signing off…for now.


8 thoughts on “My Last Post in the Philippines

  1. my ever witty online-buddy, “ting”! i will surely miss your posts with sharp points. girl, i really love how you write so plssssssss don’t take too much time on hiatus.

  2. Good luck in the US! I know how you feel.. Ako man, sariwa pa sa isip ko ang araw na umalis ako sa Pinas para magtrabaho abroad. I still remember the pain and the tears. I found comfort in knowing that I will be back and that my experiences abroad will only make me a better person. I’ve have fulfilled the latter somehow, bit I’m still waiting on the former. I’m still hoping and prayer for the “I shall return” dream to come true.

    All the best!

  3. heya..welcome in the us already..i can feel how happy you are, joining ur adoring husband, at long last of waitng ul see him too, missing my loving husband tons! i hope and keep the faith that were together again realy soon, im so happy hearing and reading stories like this especially your blog it keeps my hope alive again.. im stil here at p.i and stil waiting for my scnd notice of action 2, to approved at nvc, its really frustrating sometimes coz i want to be with my husband soon and i cn’t do that .but government red tape in the U.S, (and here in the p.i also!) requires patience – A LOT OF PATIENCE! And PRAYERS- but eventually I’m sure it will turn out fine but to wait..i know god will provide.. jus wana say thank you for posting your experiences here, your really inspire me, and a lot of your blog looking forward to coming there soon! takecare gurl, and keep posting,
    god bless you and ur family

  4. hi ting! miss you here na bya… i hope to hear from you soon…we’re really very happy that you have finally found the place for you and amber…unta kami napud sa sunod…
    see you there! (as always, positive imaging gihapon)….take care dha!

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