Beware: A Wolf In A Sheep’s Skin

Have you ever been somebody’s confidant? How does it feel when somebody trusts you? Elated, right? A confidant, a best friend. This is how we perceive it. But sad to say, when one is tempted by the shining glory of promises and power, one becomes a disgusting traitor, a sheep in a wolf’s clothing.

Today is an awakening day. Somebody opened my eyes for me (thanks to you).

For three months, I have been cautious and distant to people I used to trust. People who know how and what I feel with just anything, be it personal or about work. Day after day, I carried a heavy and crashed heart, bravely keeping the pain inside and learned to be numbed. I was admittedly a calloused judgmental ego-centric being. I became stiff and cold-hearted….and all this for nothing. All along, I was wrong. All my beliefs were negated and disproved. I was barking at the wrong tree.

I hate myself for hating the wrong people (don’t worry, very far from suicidal). Guilt is engulfing my whole being now. I need to say sorry to these people.

It all started from a tattling love-stricken man, who betrayed his influential (ex)best friend in favor for a bright future (who can blame him). Such betrayal stirred and stained a chain of relationships. I can go on with my rants, but my eyes are now yelling. Geez, it’s already 12:45AM, and I need to sleep.

To this man, I hope you know the Law of Gravity by heart, so you will not be surprised with your future downfall


3 thoughts on “Beware: A Wolf In A Sheep’s Skin

  1. TO ALL
    I know this to be out of place. Please bear with me. I just want to create awareness by choosing the busy forum or the latest.
    Do consider Dr. Martin Bautista for the next elections obviously (a senatorial candidate of ‘Ang Kapatiran’ together with Adrian Sison and Zosimo Paredes). He’s a 44-year-old gastroenterologist in the US who came home after 17 years. You can see from his background that he truly means service. For those who find him to be a hypocrite for working abroad, do understand he’s a family man who needs to sustain his family, that he will be able to keep his independence by not relying on public funds to support his family. He helps his countrymen in his capacity but it’s just not enough for there are millions of Filipinos. It’s a good start in Philippine Politics to have him and his party around.
    I urge you to forward/text/inform all your contacts about them. I believe they only lack exposure that’s why I’m doing this. But I can’t do it alone so I’m appealing to everyone’s help. If all will inform their contacts about them and urge them as well to forward, we might hit a million.
    We cannot afford to be indifferent now if we want meaningful change. Otherwise we only have ourselves to blame. BUT TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  2. Hi, i’m chika bugtas senior broadcast communication at UPd. i saw the link to your blog at yugatech. i’m doing a study about philippine podcasting. if you have time po, may i ask you to answer the ff questions po, kahit in bullet points lang po. you can email the answers at

    thank you so much for you time. god bless!


    1. Who introduced you to podcasting? How did you discover podcasting?
    2. What are your favorite podcasts? Why? (Describe these podcasts)
    3. What are your least favorite podcasts? Why? (Describe these podcasts)
    4. How often do you listen to or download podcast sites?
    5. How are you able to access podcasts?
    6. Are you planning to put up your own podcast site? Why yes? Why not?
    7. In what ways do you think can podcasting benefit the Filipino society?
    8. Are there negative effects of podcasting to Filipinos? If yes, what are those?
    9. Are you aware of any issues being thrown at podcasting? What are those? (Ex. Podcasting will kill radio broadcasting)
    10. What’s your personal assessment on the status of podcasting in the Philippines?
    11. Do you think podcasting will click in the Philippines? Why?

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