Malu Fernandez’s Controversy

I got another forwarded email concerning the latest (is it still?) online bruhaha of former “Fierce and Fabulous” columnist, Ms. Malu Fernandez. I have seen a feature of this famous mahaderang matapobre in primetime news, but I was too busy devouring every morsel of food in my plate at that moment, and so, I did care to lift a hair internalizing the situation.

Now that I have read various online opinions of what had transpired, I want to say this to her “THERE ARE THINGS THAT ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID”.

I hope that her resignation will put an end to this online saga.

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4 thoughts on “Malu Fernandez’s Controversy

  1. Yes, it’s about time we put an end to this controversy, with or without resignations. I hope we can learn to forgive Malu Fernandez. I wrote an entry about her article and I hope you can find time to read it. It’s entitled “One Voice (An OFW’s reaction to Malu Fernandez’s “From Greece to Boracay”)” and I posted it here:

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