The Sad Part of Leaving

While eating breakfast this morning, I told my mother, “One week to go, and we are leaving”. Oh man, she instantly wept and remarked, “Don’t talk about it, it just makes me lonely”. “Is it because of money matters?” I asked. “No, I am sad just because of the thought of you and Amber leaving and not seeing you everyday“, she replied. Seeing her cry was excruciating, and I was on the verge of weeping too, and so I left the table, pretending that I was done. Dang, I never thought of them being sad concerning my (and Amber’s) permanent departure. My mother and I have this cat-and-dog kind of relationship. My mother being so conservative and traditional type, and me, being the very open-minded and practical person you could ever imagine (blame it on so much trials and tribulations in my past, which I chose to hurdle alone), minor understandings are sure to be always blown out of proportion. What I like about our family, we don’t hold grudges to each other. Whenever we have siblings (or parent-child) quarrel, an hour after that, it seems that nothing is wrong, and everything is back to normal. I will surely miss them. Thanks God, there the Internet to hook us up even if we are thousand of miles apart.


In the picture…when our family was still small….my father, my older sister (red dress), my mother and yours truly (with “stylish” hair..LOL)


4 thoughts on “The Sad Part of Leaving

  1. Life is bittersweet. You get to be with your husband but then have to say goodbye to the family…sigh…I understand that too. Months from now, I will also say goodbye to my family. Wishing you the best! God Bless you

  2. dj1206: Indeed, it’s bittersweet. Good luck to your immigration process. Soon, you will be with your fiance.TC.

    brokenman:Thank you,Lex. Di ba, aalis ka rin papuntang SFO?Kelan?Get well soon and stay in love…

    phamzy:Pham, musta ka na dyan?Senti ka rin pala..I have been reading your blog.Okay na okay ah. Parang, the saga of Phamz ang dating. Ang ganda mo girl. TC.

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