Gossips and All

Filipinos are real gossips. Walang papalampasin kahit na kamag-anak. Again, my mother told me that my neighbors (actually, my relatives) were thinking that my marriage was doomed to go on the blink and that, it has ended so soon. What the heck?! Akala ko sa opisina ko lang ang chizmax n ‘to ah. Just because I do not brag about my regular  Western Union trips (as what a second-degree cousin who married to an American does), or the daily IDD phone calls I received from my husband, I was branded a failure. This really upset me, and so, it resulted to an unfriendly decision (*sour-graping). I am no longer giving my farewell party, which funds will come from my ever-generous husband and my last salary). I can not bear taking the “good-luck’ and the “I am happy for you” remarks from people who I kinda not like at this point. Siguro, it’s a sign na rin that I should give all my last salary to my family. It’s not big though, but just enough to cover a few months of utility bills. If there is one thing “rude” about me, that would be being un-thoughtful at times, especially when provoke. I am also good in playing the role what the people think I am. If they think I am bad for the decision, so be it. That’s life!      


Now, I am grinning from ear-to-ear. Indeed, my immigration has “shocked” quite a number of people. He he he! (with a devilish smirk on my face). Sorry na lang.          


3 thoughts on “Gossips and All

  1. Ana jud na Ting, dghan jud hilabtanon specially if you don’t flaunt what you have, i-compare man dayon nila sa uban, bisan relatives, dili exempted but it’s a satisfying feeling you have the last laugh hehe, Goodluck!

  2. Hi,

    I saw your bloglink at VJ. I truly understand your point. There are so many chismosa people here and it hurts the most when relatives say just anything they want to say. Hmmm, no pasalubongs for them siguro?! hehhehehe

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