Professional Blogging in the Philippines

Right now, I am tuning in to GMA 7’s Mel and Joey. It features internet blogging as a source of income for those who love writing journals and sharing it to the whole world. So many ways to earn (like PayPerPost, Google’s Adsense and Adwords, sponsored posts and reviews, among others), so many things to do.

I have been waiting for this moment to come. The time when the national television discovers the wonders of blogging. Syempre, the most awaited part is to see the face of Pinoy blogoshpere’s very own Zeus, Mr. Abe Olandres (a.ka. Yuga). Basta, after the show, I am green with envy. Professional bloggers are earning from $300-$5,000.00 per month. Kumbaga, earning dollars, spending in peso. What a life?

When can I start earning those green bucks? I joined PayPerPost. My application was approved, but I do not have a US social security number (yet), so bokya. I tried putting Adsense’s codes in my blog, but WordPress does not allow it…bokya na naman. I have been blogging for more than two years now, but still, I am in an abyss. I do not know where to start and what to do first. Well, this is another item in my to-do-list when I am in the US, when I can have all the time and resources in the world.

Each of us has our own reason to blog. Some for money, some for fun. The more hits you got, the higher our morale soars. I am sure, many bloggers share the same feeling as I have. Kaya, I know how it feels if your blog is included in any list. Ang babaw naman kasi ng kasiyahan ng mga bloggers, di ba?



5 thoughts on “Professional Blogging in the Philippines

  1. I just saw the show too. Just some basic info for those who have no idea about blogging. Nothing new. I guess they edited out the details.
    It’s nice to know though how much some of us bloggers are earning.. Hmmm, our peso might spike further if millions of Filipinos get on the Adsense program!

  2. i know the feeling ting. i applied for google adsense tapos i felt bad kasi di pala allowed sa worpress. yeah, i have cousins earning dollars from their blogs, kakainggit.

    yeah, mababaw lang talaga ang kaligayahan nating mga bloggers. ako nga nung naging 1,000 ang hits masayang-masaya na and pag may nagco-comment sa post ko, somehow, i get some confirmation na kaya ko naman palang magsulat kahit papano 🙂

    you take care ting. God bless.

  3. Rex:Yeah, it was all basic, but was indeed enlightening to some who does not know it exist. My gosh, don’t mention “Adsense”, naninikip lang ang dibdib ko. LOL! I am anxious to see what comes next after blogging.

    Lex: Hello, how are you my zooper in love to the max online friend? YOu are right about getting comments from people too. Nakakataba ng puso, especially those people your don’t know di ba. I tell you, ang ganda ng blog mo. It’s very inspiring to people who are inspired. 😉

    PinoyFreeLancer:O hayan, I click one your your Ads ha…para may add’l $$$ ka naman.LOL! I’ll read more about your blog, it looks interesting kasi. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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