No Farewell, Please

Tick,tack,tick,tack. The time is getting near. I feel restless with excitement and anxiety. Soon, I can embrace my beloved husband. Soon, Amber and I will enjoy a totally new life. A life far away from home, but near to the owner of my heart and soul.

I do not want any farewell parties and all. A simple “thank you” note will surely be engraved in my memories, whether I am miles away or just a step far. As what Mr. Schlechter (my first-ever boss, who I can not forget for all the things he did for me) said during one of our company dinner parties (when I was asked to say something for the celebrant but I declined), “I know you; you want to be just on the side. You are so shy.” Perhaps, he was right. On a second thought, he is right. I am just another meek employee who works because she gets paid. Nothing more, nothing less.

Being an employee is not my ultimate goal, who does nothing but follow the company’s rules. I aspire to be an employer (crossing my fingers). But of course, nothing is sweeter that tasting the bitterness of being an employee first, right? Those of you who experience from being an employee to an employer know what I mean. With this upcoming new life with my husband, I hope to take little steps in fulfilling my lifelong dream.


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