Well Wishers

The week is ending, ending with a happy note for me.

The moment I stepped in my office last Monday morning, a usual loud “Germanic” voice greeted me from the room adjacent to mine…my Boss. He asked me, “Why are you leaving the company?” I greeted and entered his room. I shared what I was up to (first time in history). You see, my Boss can be childlike in his remarks, and so after hearing my side, he said, “At least, it’s not because of me.”

In my resignation letter, which I emailed in the afternoon of my Consular interview on August 3, I did not mention any reason of such uncalled departure. Too uncalled that many were not expecting it.

Now, I can blatantly share that I am soon bound to join my husband in Florida.

Everywhere I go, people greet me with a big smile in their faces, and say, “I am happy for you.” Wow! The feeling is so good. It is so real. For the last time, in my whole 3-and-a-half years of stay with the company, I feel important and cared about. Even the President, the wife of my Boss and two Board Members from Germany said their “well wishes” to my new life in a new country. To the successor of my seat, you will surely have a blast in your new room.

I will surely miss everyone!!! Ooopps, this is not farewell yet. More posts to come.


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