A Mystery Solved

Posting here about my immigration milestone paves the resolution of a mystery.

Before, I kept my silence about every immigration progress there was in our case. I chose to be discreet and avoid the subject to people in my “real” environment. If I told you about it, you must be somebody personally close to me. I know, some colleagues and acquaintances were saying (as narrated to me by somebody reliable), “Oh, I felt sorry for her. Her husband is in the US and she is left here. That is so unfair for her”. Some were thinking that my marriage was rocky as hell. I could not blame them. The problem was with me. When people asked about when my husband would come to visit me, my replies varied from, “I dunno-No date yet-No plans-so on and so forth”. I do not want to lie, so most of the time, I resolve to saying, “Let’s not talk about it“. Less talk, less mistake. He is not coming here, because I and Amber are set to relocate with him.

Thinking about this, I feel bad. I have misled quite a few people. Am I such a disgrace for doing this? Let me say my piece and you would understand.

Being an independent woman all my life, I value everything that I have. Everything that I acquired though my sweat and blood especially when it comes to my profession. So when the immigration plan started, I chose to be discreet with my husband’s blessings, of course. Too discreet that it led to a worst interpretation. It would be a nightmare for me, if people will treat me like an absentee friend or employee. And that I should not be given opportunities just because I’m leaving anyway. I like my life here in the Philippines, but what could be more important than a family? The answer is irrevocably obvious. So, I follow my destiny, the destiny to be with my husband half-way around the world.

I hope this clears everything. My apologies to the people concerned, you know who you are.


5 thoughts on “A Mystery Solved

  1. hay naku Ting, people are likely to believe only what they wish to believe anyway, so just let them wallow in it. the way you live your life is proof to what you are and what is really going on.

    you were wise in keeping mum about it. should I say congratulations? i think God bless is more apt.

    i’m back, by the way… hehe. sensya na.

  2. Hey Jun!!!How are you? You are so back (ala Dawn Zulieta LOL).

    Very well said. We can never dictate how and what people should think about us. For now, nothing makes me sad or mad, sooo happy and excited!!

    Yes, God bless is far better, because this is just the beginning of a new life.

    Welcome back!!!!

  3. ting, i guess that’s filo’s mentality at times.when you will not answer what they ask, they speculate things in a nega sense. anyway, give them a heads up NOW! hehehe!

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