Is this really what people think?

This morning, my mother went to Amber’s school to inform them that, Amber will no longer be continuing school due to our immigration. Of course, my mother narrated to me what had transpired. She said that, the school’s Cashier remarked, “Why would she (me) tag Amber along in the US? She will not be able to work there, blah blah blah.

It makes me laugh because….I am going there not for the sole reason of working my ass out. If this is what I have in mind, I could have just continue what I sow here (current work), and reap it in the future. I am going there to join my husband, to complete my family, and obviously, Amber is a family. I can not left her here. Duh! Honestly, I can not fathom those women who left their child (worst, children) in the Philippines, whilst they are living a good life in another country. You know, just send monies to the children. Well, it does not work for me. Being a responsible parent is NOT all about money. Anyway, to her own.


8 thoughts on “Is this really what people think?

  1. Well, for some they can’t afford to bring their own baby with them much as they’d loved too but because they are not blessed enough to get a very understanding, level headed white husband. Just be thankful instead.Okay?;-) regards to amber.

  2. Hello Ting!

    Thira from WOF here, hope it’s ok to comment, been reading your blog from the link. Yap it’s truly unfathomable for a mom to leave her child behind, specially moving to another country. Goodluck on the new chapter of your life 🙂

  3. Hello Del! Welcome to my blog. I assume, you are a mother too because you know how it feels to be one. 🙂 TC.

    Hello Lex,
    Long time, no hear ah. BTW, sa may Daytona Beach ang punta namin.TC my friend!

  4. Hello Ting!

    Thanks, not yet but i got so attached to my niece and nephew, that’s why hehe:) You have a cutie daughter. 🙂

  5. Unbelievable response from the school’s cashier. Jesus.
    Interesting blog you have here, I will blogroll you :).

    Have a safe trip to the U.S.


  6. Del, I can also relate to the. I also have a 6 mos. old nephew. See you around.

    Hello Lola,Thank you for dropping by. I was irked when I heard it from my mother, but now that our visa was approved, nothing makes me sad or mad at all. TC.

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