Be Thankful

Just this week, I had a two-day training in Ortigas Center, Pasig City (Kaizen Management) as part of my work enhancement. It was a blast, though I spent most of my time inside my hotel room whenever I was not in session.

During an ice-breaking chitchat, the trainer (Ms. Tita Milan of Dusit Hotel) uttered, “We should thank the people that make our life miserable, for they help us build our character”. A certain person crossed my mind. A person, who once I hated and now, I am starting to like. Yes, I am so thankful for him/her for extending my patience, maximizing my competence, and treating me like an important person in the organization. It helps me boost my morale and ego. Time will come when I will personally thank him/her.


2 thoughts on “Be Thankful

  1. Dear Ting,

    nice that life treats you so well, I always thought that you deserve it. I was not aware that you even hated me….

    As I see it you morale and ego are excellent now. Enjoy life. If you ever visit the Philippines you know where to find people welcoming you.

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