Wendy-Haters’ Club

Tsk,tsk, I am really getting a considerable amount of hits from the Wendy haters, even if the show has already ended, which (by the way) ended in a sweet victory for Bea (bravo). Too many of them (count me in), that we can put up a club..a Wendy-Haters’ Club.

Honestly, I still don’t like Wendy. Whenever I see her face in the boob-tube, I change my channel. Well, not that I still despise her, but I simply equate her with “hypocricy”. I am over it na naman, the intense feeling subsided after she lost over Bea and Mickey. I just want to say my last straw on this. 

BTW, I heard that, she is posing for Maxim and has an upcoming singing career. No comment.

Sige na nga. Let’s us all be happy and gay.   


4 thoughts on “Wendy-Haters’ Club

  1. Hahaha! -> “Let us all be happy and gay”
    Count me and my wife in your “Wendy-Haters Club”!

    Unlike you who changes the channel whenever Wendy’s on… my wife locks on to it enjoying her disgust… haha! 😛

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