No pain, no gain

For almost six months now, my husband and I are undergoing this bureaucratic process. For now, I choose to remain silent about what this “process” is. But for some who personally know me, you know what I am talking about.

Today, I am sad. This whole thing is killing me even though we are almost there. I easily get frustrated if things are not done immediately or left unattended within my time phase. Sometimes, I get too emotional (to be true) and only think of myself, on what I do and what I can….not knowing that I have hurt a heart half-way around the world, my husband. Yes, this is purely an extreme case of selfishness on my part. Believe me, I am struggling to change it (for the glory of my marriage). Right now, I am in pain. I can not bear the fact that I hurt the only man that I truly love and adore. It is etched in my mind, that I am one lucky gal to have a very understanding and smart man for a husband. Guess, I need to read books about marriage and relationships. Pronto.

No pain, no gain. I believe, this is just one of those trials and tribulations that we have to surpass as a married couple. To me, its a learning experience. With this, I hope to become a better wife (and a listener). Hopefully, never ending happiness will come into our way.


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