Another PBB Disappointment

Last night, people were expecting three HMs to leave the house. And again, Big Brother disappointed the viewers. Only one (Mr. Perfect Nel) was ousted!!!!

The show should fulfill what they announced.It seems to me like they want to keep Wendy in the house, thus, they have to change the announced rules. With her deeds in the house, obviously, she belongs to the bottom three. Hayyyy!!! PBB has perfectly mastered it “keep-the-bad-HM-in-the-house” scheme to attract ratings.


3 thoughts on “Another PBB Disappointment


    Doesn’t it seem unusual that only Wendy,Bruce, Gee-Ann and Bea were given due attention the past week prior to eviction night when they were included in the fake nomination and it was not even made clear to the viewers that people could still vote for Nel, Mickey and Bodie. Since most of the viewers thought that they should only vote for Wendy, Bruce, Gee-ann or Bea, there was a very good chance that those who really supported Mickey and Nel did not vote to save them simply because they did not know they were also nominated. It was a lucky streak for Bodie that he was given due exposure when he had to scuba dive for the rings while Mickey and Nel seemed to have been lost in oblivion. It was also worth noting that Nel garnered only 3.75% votes (Unbelievable!) while the remaining 96.25% was not even broken down for viewers to see. ( Were they hiding something?)


    Surprisingly, in spite of Bruce’s and Wendy’s nauseous attempts to give an exaggerated albeit unacceptable interpretation of the word “pagpapakatotoo”with tantrums,lousy theatrics,unstable display of emotions, foul unforgivable disgusting behavior,and overall failure to cope with certain situations, they were still among those who were still allowed to stay in the house ( hmm, something’s fishy don’t you think? Does the management favor Wendy and Bruce?)Bruce a spineless jerk and Wendy the emotionally unstable shrieking out of control banshee. Imagine if your children see these two adults acting improperly and getting away with it just because they are just “nagpapakatotoo”. Such a lame excuse. Does the management condone or worse epitomize such behavior? I honestly believe Mickey ,specially Nel were not given a fair chance and became victims of media manipulation. Wendy should definitely have been voted out. She is a disgrace to the Filipina. If she and /or Bruce is/are included in the big four more so if declared big winner then definitely all the values that our ancestors have even died for would have all just gone down the drain. UNFAIR!!!

  2. Exactly!!!!!!… My GOd!SO so sooo unfair! kng hindi pa sinugod si bigbro sa bhay nya never nyang pagagalitan c wendy! never pa nyang kausapin about sa kabatosan nya..but of cors cguro ang kpalit nun “c buddy” muna ang lalabas?nonesense!!!!!!!!!

    Breakdown ng textvotes! not shown, for sure ONE VOTE lng nkuha ni wendy yun ay ang VOTE ni BIGBRO!!!!!!!!!!!

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