Bad Pinoy Traits I’d Wish to Change

In reply to Chuckie’s tagging game, I am somewhat “compelled” (been hibernating for quite a while now) to share tid bits of what I think about the subject. For real? I like being tagged :-). Anyway, back to the main agenda. Bad Pinoy traits? There are tons of them, but (just like Chuckie) I’ll impart only three of what I consider the worst of all.

  1. Adhering to Filipino Time. Waiting is not my game. I have the shortest patience when it comes to this. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it just means practicing tardiness at all times. Filipino time is said to be 30 minutes to an hour late to the standard time. I admit, I was guilty of following it. But eventually, as I work with Europeans (for three years now…thanks God), it opens my eyes on how golden time is. Time is precious. It can not be replaced.
  2. Mañana Habit. I equate this with laziness and feeling unfortunate. This is plainly intolerable and appalling especially in the corporate world.
  3. Tampo. In other word, sour-graping. Until now, I can not fathom on why it is such a big deal when one is not invited to a party? Whenever I am tasked to invite people to a (personal) party, I always get controversial feedback the next day. I do not know why? People are talking behind my back on why I did not invite this and that. Yes, as petty as this. When one is not invited among the barkada, the whole barkada (most likely) will not show up. Can’t they get it? A personal invitation is a personal invitation.

Okay, before I’ll sound like ranting, I better stop yacking now. Don’t worry, I am still a proud Pinoy.



Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!! Have a great Independence Day everyone!!!

Now, it’s my turn. I tagging ever-inspired brokenman, cute cheryl agan, and pretty Shai Coggins.


8 thoughts on “Bad Pinoy Traits I’d Wish to Change

  1. Haha… FILIPINO TIME… sakit ko yan…! Oooopsss! There… now you know… but then again, “Bad Pinoy Traits I’d Wish to Change” nga eh, diba?! Hehe!

    Improving na naman ako. Hindi na ako 30 mins late madalas… 15 mins na lang… hee-hee! 😛

  2. Ting, I thought before that Tampo is only for Filipinos sos naunsa ba na when I had my 3rd baby shower, I did not invite one person from where I used to work kay hambugera man kaayo. She is white so I thought it would not be a big deal. Besides when everyone got their invitations, she yelled out loud that she doesn’t go to places like that anyway. The sad thing is she told many people that are close to me that she was real mad because she wasn’t invited. She even acted really strange when we saw her one time. She yelled, “enjoy your baby shower without me”. So I felt bad so I sent her the last copy that I have that I was supposed to put in Francis’ book. Kahibalo ka giunsa ang gibuhat niya sa invitation? gigisi intawon. Kahibalo pa lang ko ay, I should have not given her my last copy. She said she is really upset. If only people will get over things.

    By the way, I am not that bad with coming in late. Maybe 5-10 mins. The weird thing is, I am always late when Ryan is driving but that is not because of him. It is because of me. Pero if I am driving I always plan it out to leave early. Don’t know why. Take Care Ting ! Hope everything is well at your end.

  3. This is it. LATE – for me its a way of life. One more day and I
    will be successfully completing a week of no-tardy streak. This is new for me since I’ve never achieved this yet throughout my stay here in this company and with my previous company. Haha. Pathetic. Some of you might say that I’m just overreacting, but you should know, I’m one of the most unpunctual people you’ll ever meet. So leave me be as I call this some sort of an achievement.

    PIKON – —- I hate it when people think they know me better than they actually do. The way they judge and think they can just say things to me that I, otherwise, would never say to them. It’s not like we’re “close friends” or anything like that. Don’t I know you for only, what, few months? It’s not like I’m intruding your private space too you know. And it’s not like your life is so perfect that you can just look down on everyone around you. Do you see me meddling when I’m not asked to? Do you catch me asking you personal questions and doubting if the answers were indeed true? No. Because I don’t care what the answers are. Because I don’t voluntarily pry on other people’s lives like paparazzi chasing after celebrities and then pass on the “information” to other people (er, I almost don’t).

    HEHEHE my next challenge would be GoSSIPING – Keep mouth shut at most times. Gossiping is a heinous habit.

    But I am serious about the my mission. I mean I am gonna try to quit gossiping. After all, I’m still only human, with ears that hear and a mouth that gabs.

  4. In-in, I am preparing to meet such kind of people in the future. Perhaps, it’s all about people’s personality, and not regional attitude. But I thought the whites are open-minded and has this DKDC (dont know dont care) attitude….

  5. Ting… yeah… at times.
    But what about meetings and sh*t like that… I admit guilty pa rin ako sa ganun. Hehehe…

    About time I change that…

    Ika nga ni Duke sa G.I. Joe cartoons, “…and knowing is half the battle!”

    Yo Joe!

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