A Painful Day

I want to cry aloud! I am so blue today. The world is not cooperating, or am I being too insensitive? Either ways, I feel the same. Sad, sad, sad. I hate it when something is not done on its deadline especially when I have no control over it. I am helpless. All I can do is remind and wait.

Things I’ve have pondered today:

We can not have everything in life, following our way.

Not every day is a happy day.<–duhhh!!

There are things, that are better left unsaid and undone.<–So if I am awfully silent, I am (most likely) mad and frustrated. And, I don’t lift a hair to explain. Respect my silence, because with it, I can recover my sanity.

(Sheks, I am crying now. So painful.)


14 thoughts on “A Painful Day

  1. Hi there! take it easy , ganyan talaga ang life but everything will be alright at the right time:) by the way, i am not from CAgayan, sorry ngayon lang ako nakareply dito but i replied to you in my journal, anyway, i enjoy reading your posts here, keep it up:) nice day to u:)

  2. Boy I sure hope things have gotten better for you since the 30th. Sorry to here just writing about it made you cry. Well there have been new days between then and now and I will assume the best and say happy day to you. Wishing you the best. MrDeadworry.

  3. Junnnnn…..where have you been???!!!!!It’s seem like forever since the last time you dropped here. What’s up????As for me, I am fine na (well, not really that fine, but coping). Ngeks, labaw pa gani ka na dugay kaayo mag post..wahaaaa!!!LOL!

  4. i do peek into your blog whenever i’m online, naghulat lang ug timing. mabugahan unya’g kalayo, lisod na. wahahaha…

    good to know you’re coping well.
    time heals. as if you didn’t know already. hehe.

  5. Hi Ting…
    Hope you’re feeling better… wawa naman… 😦
    Don’t worry… everything happens for a reason… frustrations and disappointments are merely obstacles…

    Remember… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    Ummm… I think I’m beginning to sound to cliche-ish na… I think I should stop… errr… yeah… I’m stopping now… hehe.


  6. Jun, makahilak man sad ta na ug durian. hehehe! I like visiting your blog. YOu should update your blog more often too. Everything in your blog is interesting.

    Chuckie: Very well said. All trials and tribulations exist to make us stronger. I just hope that I can always see it that way. 🙂

    Peter: Thank you for dropping by. I try to be discreet especially with matters of my personal life. This blog has become my ranting paradise for the past months now.

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