Warning: Just Another Pinoy Big Brother Post

Pinoy Big Brother is getting boring these days. I mean, are they serious with their “Balik-Bahay” scheme? It’s the worst! If they keep on brewing pathetic schemes in the future just to extend airtime (I am betting on it), PBB will surely lose a number of their avid viewers. Come to think of it, the show airs barely midnight and then only to see Wendy’s face in it. Simply torturing. The Bruce-Wendy love team? They are too old for that. Well, in all fairness, they fit to a “T”. Both are two-timers. Bwahaha!!! (pardon my French). It makes me want to puke. Argghh! I must admit, I got hooked during the Big Brother Swap twist, but Wendy going back to the house? It’s just plain monotonous!

One big question: When are they planning to end the season? It’s already (more than) half of the scheduled duration (110 days total), But it seems like, PBB management is not stopping in letting new HMs in and there are still about 9 or 10 HMs.


2 thoughts on “Warning: Just Another Pinoy Big Brother Post

  1. It’s getting really bland and boring. I don’t know the updates now except for this much hyped “balik-bahay”. I miss Pamela, she could better off stay in the house rather than these evicted housemates. 😉

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