Let’s Vote for the Underdogs

Between the two nominees, Nel and Dionne, I really hope that the latter would stay.

During the first few weeks inside the PBB house, Dionne has become a subject of controversies involving male HMs, Zeke (evicted), and Mickey. I was appalled with her (near to) crotch-touching antics with the mentioned male HMs. She is the typical liberated gal, whose mouth is quicker than the mind (remember, the scene where she aired her admiration to Mickey?). Days go by; she has shown that she learned from her mistakes and humbly changes for the better. From the crotch queen, she became one of the meek underdogs in the house. During Maricris’ reign as the house’s bully, Dionne was the subject of ridicules and “parinigs” that the ex-HM made (thanks God, she’s evicted).

I want Dionne to stay because she modestly accepted her wrongdoings and still try to mingle with the other HMs even if it’s obvious that most of them do not like her. She is smart and open-minded, I am sure that, staying there until the end would not hurt her.

Let us vote for the underdogs!

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Vote for the Underdogs

  1. OMG, Ting! it’s Mike Cohen. 🙂

    I haven’t been watching PBB na since the swap. what makes Dionne an underdog pala?
    but i like your description of her and why she should stay.

  2. MikeinManila: Are you Mike Cohen? As in, the white ABS-CBN news anchor who speaks Tagalog too well?

    Yeah, why not? We could vote for the underdogs this coming election. I am tired of seeing “trapos” in the legislation. If we want a change in our system, we need a total revamp.No but’s and if’s.

  3. Jun: I agree. PBB is getting monotonous and boring. I no longer watch it every night, only on Saturdays or whenever my insomnia kicks in.LOL!

    The house is quite now. Everyone is riding each other’s coat tails.

    Maricris was the life of the house after all (though she sucks).

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