An Open Letter to PBB Management

Here’s an open letter by forum member, VeryBigBro, posted at the PBB forum. You can also check it at this thread. Let’s vote OUT Wendy!


I would like to express my disappointment with PBB season 2 and its management. I know this letter will most likely be ignored but still I would like to vent my frustration over three things: (1) the misleading announcements/teasers, (2) the grossly biased editing of the primetime edition, and (3) the livestreaming.


In the April 28 episode of PBB on primetime, Toni Gonzaga announced that a housemate would be forcibly evicted, but the identity of the said housemate will be revealed on the next day’s episode, April 29. So the viewers waited with bated breath for the April 29 episode. However, the April 29 episode only showed the confrontation which transpired between Bea and Maricris, ending with Toni’s pronouncement (again!), “kung sino ang mapapatawan ng forced eviction, abangan bukas.” The viewers waited with bated breath for this very important development, only to learn that the scheduled announcement was put off for the next day. Toni did not even explain why.

This is not the first time that PBB misled its viewing public. This also happened with the balut episode of Tina. It was announced in TV Patrol World and in the PBB Update of Bianca Gonzales that the balut episode would be shown on the PBB primetime edition that evening. However, the primetime episode only showed the same teaser shown on TVPW and Update, with Toni saying, “abangan ang buong kaganapan bukas.”

Are you doing this for the ratings, or what? TV rating is the only possible reason I can think of why you have to fool the viewing public. And fool us, you did.


Since the first season, I have already observed the one-sided editing of PBB shown on primetime to favor certain housemates. This season, the unfair editing is so disgusting. You can’t blame us if we think you are trying to protect a certain housemate because of your very crude and biased editing, as in garapal talaga.

I am referring in particular to Wendy Valdez. It is very obvious that you are favoring and protecting her because you never show her bad side on primetime, whereas you have no qualms in showing the bad side of the other housemates. Some of her bad behavior which you did not show on primetime include, but are not limited to, the following :

1. Wendy’s rudeness to Tina such as: speaking in Tagalog while looking at Tina then laughing out loud – Tina even had to ask her several times if she (Wendy) wanted to say something; while sharing a cigarette, Wendy commented, “ke bago bago, nakiki-share”; while they were together with some other housemates, Tina was talking about Europe then Wendy said, “ang boring,” and immediately left; Wendy only talked to Tina because BB gave her a task.
2. Wendy and her cohorts having their backbiting sessions inside the prayer room, neither were they punished. The house rule state that, “The prayer room is a special spiritual place in the Big Brother house where you can contemplate, read the Bible or other spiritual materials, and pray. You are not allowed to hangout and conduct other activities in the Prayer Room. Keeping the place solemn is the rule.”
3. Wendy violated the “no mouthing of words” rule. Even Bodie, her ally, called her attention to this, but she was not given an automatic nomination. Her automatic nomination was for the lapel microphone which she turned off.
4. She called Saicy’s attention when the latter started to hang out with Gee-Ann, telling her, “akala ko doon ka na sa kanila.” Apparently, she does not want her minions to associate with the other housemates. And she had the gall to comment that the other girl housemates do not hang out with them! It is she herself who is creating a faction with herself as leader. Those not in her group are the subject of their backbiting sessions.

There are more incidents of Wendy’s bad attitude never shown on primetime. I don’t need to enumerate all, as I am sure, you are well aware of them. You just chose to ignore them to make Wendy look good on primetime.

Another disgusting thing about primetime is your tendency to show a particular event several days late. Whereas in the previous editions of PBB, events occurring on a particular day are shown on primetime the next day, now it’s shown two or three days after. And some scenes are stretched over several days like Wendy’s overacting reaction to Bruce’s leaving. The viewers had to suffer through it for several days. Oh, come on! We are fed up with the Wendy-Bruce “loveteam.”

I pity the viewers who rely only on the primetime edition and do not follow the events on the “24/7” livestream. They are the ones being duped. All TV viewers deserved to see both the good and the bad side of each housemate.


Some subscribers sarcastically call the supposedly 24/7 live feeds as only 20/7. Why? Because they pay for 24/7 access but there are times you turn the feeds off to compel them to watch the unfolding events on primetime instead. You are cheating the subscribers of their money. And you claim “technical reasons” as your excuse. The subscribers are not stupid.

Another indication that you tend to favor Wendy: There are times when the two cameras showing the live feeds are focused only on Wendy even when she is not doing anything. Naka-tunganga lang siya, pero nakatutok ang dalawang camera sa kanya! There are other housemates in the house, why focus on Wendy alone? If your cameramen are so smitten with Wendy that they cannot help but focus on Wendy, at least assign one camera to the other housemates. The subscribers do not pay good money just to watch Wendy on live feed.

Would it be too much to ask for an improvement in your management of PBB?

I used to be an avid follower of PBB since season one but I am beginning to wonder if season two is worth all the trouble. I just hope your machination won’t backfire on you.

Respectfully yours, (You’ve lost my respect.)
Regretfully yours,



14 thoughts on “An Open Letter to PBB Management

  1. Success! The Back-stabbing Queen is OUSTED last night! Yahooo!!! I am dancing with joy here!!!!Wendy is OUT guys!! See? Wendy thinks that she and Saicy are the ONLY REAL people in the house. She is hallucinating. Waaaaa…assuming!!!! Just because the others are kind, friendly, generous, and all, that she thinks, they are plastics. She must be fuming with anger now that the underdogs (Dionne and Bea) are well-loved by the Filipino people. Too bad, her pretty face is not enough to entice votes for her. Waaaaa! BTW, I think Bea has the body to die for in the house….not Wendy!!! She is tooooo skinny with big boobs (I wonder if they are real).

  2. Add to your complain that balik-bahay of the evicted housemates! I don’t think its fair, especially for Dione, though I’m not in favor of her also. All of them became “pasaway” inside. I really loose interest watching this show. The only thing I could last is GEE-ANN’s craziness over her Pamela.

  3. Hello Big Brother, I am very dissapointed with you B.B. because of Wendy kaya toloy ayaw na namin manood ng PBB kasi si she’s always winding with other housmate pls. tell her stop talking BAD with GEE-ANN & Bea even in the beginning I have doubt with HER the way she talks she’s Like a HOOKER on the road.

    You know here in Italy its really nice the Big Brother here compare there in P.I. Between Her & SAICY I rather than Saicy she is very soft spoken and down to earth san si Saicy nalang ang naiwan hindi nalang sya pinabalik.

    B.B. alam mo ba dito pag lumabas ka na sa House hindi na pweding bumalik kasi off course its not good she heared a lots of things what s going on inside and outside or pwedi syang bumalik peru not too long like one week its enough EH paborito mo sya kasi SYOTA mo yata sya!. We dont want to renew our TFC next month why there no TFC before ok rin may balita din kami eh ang TFC ang mahal pa dito.

  4. WENDY she is palengkera the way she talks pababalik sa inyo na ang ONE MILLION hello peru yun ang gusto nya If I know may hinanakit sya sa loob. its a Game Look at Neil, Mickey and Boodi they stay cool.
    Parang ayaw nya tagappin ang katotohanan sigi Ibigay mo na lang sa kanya ang ONE MILLION mabuti pa!

  5. Big Brother para tumahimik sya diritso mo ng IBIGAY sa kanya huwag na kayong mag compitition pa ulit para walang sayang ang bayad namin ng TFC.

    nainis kami sa kanya ayaw tumangap ng reality. pweeeee WENDY mag JAPYUKI ka na lang ulit good for you para humakot ka ng ONE MILLION YEN sa mga hapon mo sanay ka naman eh di bah?? aminin…..

    Ciao amici!

  6. bakit si nel ang natanggal kagabi? bakit hindi si wendy ang na out?dahil naiinis kami sa kanya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hindi sya karapatdapat masali sa big 4
    pls big brother if masali sya sa big 4. ibig sabihin maydaya at mabuti pa wag na kayo gumawa ng pbb season 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. i think even if how hard we try to
    hide our real “mukha” lalabas at
    lalabas din to. i know wendy from FEU
    (my school too) the main reason why
    she passed her mascomm degree is
    because she ****ed (sorry for the term)
    our professor last february. (this is
    true we have pix and cams) inside the
    speech laboratory all schoolmates know
    this. She said shes went to japan as a
    dancer…it is true but she works in a
    prostitute house there and is charged
    $150 (pls convert to yen) a night.
    Shes had controversial issues in FEU
    before about her story because she
    denied this when called to explain
    herself(kailangan ng FEU na mag
    background check sa students for
    school image) sabi ba naman niya “i
    went to japan as a cultural dancer”
    may cultural bang inuuwi at binababoy
    ng mga customer?(confidential files
    from 2005 feu) IT is true that she is
    a good person but trust me when i say
    this. she should not deny the fact of
    her past so she can gain advantage
    over other people. SHe is NOT POOR.
    her last boyfriend was a Japanese DOM
    (62) named Hakimoto Ikita who gave her
    more than a million pesos. After she
    got the money she enrolled herself
    AGAIN IN FEU. this was around 2003.
    and left her lover to rot in Japan.
    while she was with the JAP guy. she
    was engaged sexually with my cousin
    T.H. Morales. also a student in FEU.


    > Dear Mr Lopez

    > My amusement and intrigue in watching Pinoy Big Brother Season 2
    here in Singapore has turned into an absolute disgust.
    > I cannot fathom why such an established organization who claims to
    be socially responsible and has helped to alleviate the plight of
    countless lives allows and glorify acts of “shameless bullying” on
    international television.
    > Mr Lopez, in case you are not aware, bullying in any form is
    totally an unacceptable behavior. To glamorize such on real life
    circumstances should be considered a crime.
    > I have been watching your Pinoy Big Brother 2 religiously for
    nearly 4 months now and I can’t help but notice and be alarmed by the
    disgusting behavior exhibited by one of the reality show’s female
    contestants. What’s even more appalling is the nonchalant treatment
    ABS-CBN is giving it.
    > Your television shows must always adhere to invincible moral
    benchmark and norm. In case you have not noticed, a female character
    on your show which is obviously a “favourite of sort” by some powers
    that be had so far displayed nothing but despicable qualities
    bordering on lunacy. I am bothered on the messages you are sending me
    as your viewer. I am 35, a full grown man with an IQ of 142. I can’t
    imagine the messages received by those who are younger and with lesser
    capacity to digest information?
    > To show clips of the female character using poverty as her means to
    justify her evil deeds is a spit on the face of every dignified poor,
    struggling and hardworking Filipino there in the homeland and here in
    abroad. Her persona is the embodiment of everything wrong about the
    Filipino psyche and the perception of what life is all about. I am not
    trying to tell you how to do your job Sir, just reminding you to take
    a closer look on what’s happening.
    > During the past few days, the Big Brother, (using his moral
    discretion) showed footages of this female character bullying her two
    housemates to a level even someone with down-syndrome would find
    unacceptable. On top of that, this show leverages on the “improper
    relationship” of this character again to a guy who is an utter
    disgrace to every Filipino Barako. What about the rest? What the
    “Fish” was that?
    > I have to admit, your PBB 2 show has been quite an interesting show
    to watch specially in its earlier stage. Unfortunately, it soured into
    (many will agree with this) – an unpalatable junk that is hard to
    > During the past weeks, the show’s theme evolved on bitterness,
    hatred, hypocrisy, self-indulgent behavior and doomed “romantic
    > Mr “Big Brother” focused on these depressing matters which did
    nothing but further contribute to the deterioration of my fellow
    Filipino’s social and moral fiber.
    > In case you have not seen your own “popular show”, which I believe
    is raking you millions, please spare some time, take a step back and
    discern what is right for your audience.
    > If I may share with you an advice my brilliant Journalism
    professor, told me once;
    > He said; “Once you graduate and pursue a career with the media,
    always remember that you are a man of power and influence. Please do
    not feed people with garbage” Mr Gabby Lopez, I don’t eat garbage.
    Your Reality Show Has Turned Into a Nightmare!
    > You are a powerful and an influential man Sir,
    > You may not be Spider-Man, but still, a powerful man.
    > I believe you saw the first installment of this movie.
    > Kindly heed Uncle Ben’s poignant words –
    > “With great power, comes great responsibility.”
    > I only request as a subscriber to your business (TFC), to ensure
    that the outcome of your reality show or any shows of similar nature
    involving millions of public monies must not be influenced directly or
    indirectly by anyone other than the public.
    > It is a known fact that show business is all about the money and
    the bling-blings.
    > But please – PBB 2 is a reality show, not politics.
    > Let the public decide. This is the least ABS-CBN should do.
    > ABS-CBN owe this to each and every Filipino who made ABS-CBN what
    it is today?
    > You owe this to your viewers, you owe it to me.
    > Yours truly
    > Walter Santos Navarro
    > (Neither a Kapamilya nor a Kapuso)
    > Just a simple man who still believes that being a Filipino
    > is still something to be proud of amidst its 7,000,001 idiosyncrasies.

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