Maricris Dizon , the loud-mouth housemate!

I am crossing my fingers that this Italian Cabalen, Maricris, will be forcibly evicted from the PBB house. Like a volcano waiting to explode, she makes everyone’s stay there a living hell. I salute pretty and smart Maria Bea Saw (a.k.a. Mommy Bea) for bravely facing this loud-mouth and short-tempered housemate (a big turn-off to Nel for sure). I really jumped for joy when in the middle of their super loud argument, Bea said, “…act your age. you are talking about respect, respect is earned and not imposed.” By the way, Maricris is the oldest HM in the house. Wow! Mommy Bea, you nailed it! How dare her say, “this is just me, only me. When I am mad, I am mad. SORRY, if I am like this” and , she could not take the other housemates to be theirselves too. How dare her impose explanation to HMs who wants to remain discreet and calm. How dare her demand for respect when she herself does not respect others. Waaaahhhhh!

You made Maricris a laughing stock to the whole world. Kahanap rin siya ng katapat!

Mommy Bei, I commend you for staying graceful and pretty during the confrontation. Classy ka talaga! You are very far from being a “skandalosa”. Yung isa, parang dragon eh. Too violent. Too bully.


This war between the two lady housemates started when tactless Maricris told Nel that Bea has a crush on him. Nel could not believe it. To confirm her “assumption”, she rudely asked Bea to admit her claim in front of Nel ( and Dionne). Of course, Bea did not admit it. There was nothing to admit (obvious naman, hindi naman kasi kagwapohan si Nel). The tigress Maricris could not accept defeat and in turn, always intentionally saying some provoking things to ire Bea in the presence of the whole HMs.

My prediction…if she will not be automatically evicted, she will be the next one to go! Simply because, Filipinos do not like rude people.


Just a spoiler. I got this from the main PBB forum just this 12:15am April 29. See how addicted I am.

c maricris ang lalabas.. some housemates nag uusap ano gagawin nila bukas for cris.. umiyak c bea..tas gusto daw nya ipagluto c cris ng marami.. sabi ata ni bb na wag ipahalata kay cris kung ano mangyayari tom.. si nel super affected or bothered.. pero sabi nya di sya iiyak.. sumigaw lang sya sa labas while si cris nasa confe pa..


As of April 30, 2007

At last, Maricis left the house. Okay, anti-Maricris PBB-holics, you can breath deeply now. Time to relax.


As of May 1, 2007

I am sure, a lot is rejoicing now. Wendy is sanctioned with automatic nomination for this week. Now, let’s NOT vote for Wendy. Let her leave the house.


20 thoughts on “Maricris Dizon , the loud-mouth housemate!

  1. Ive waited for this entry.Hahaha! I hate that insecure housemate maricris. sheez! even when she’s still at the secret place of big bro, during that secret four edition. My GOd, super OA and so ohh sooo feelingggg.. Am sorry maricris, dka bagay dyan gurl! aside sa d ka nakkta wla ka tlgang effect sa next edition ka nalng if meron “big brother mentally ill edition”.

  2. Maricris, advice ko lang sayo, mag-empake ka na. Sorry to the relatives of Maricris, baka bumalik na lang siya sa Italy. I don’t know whether that geezer is a psychotic or a paranoid, or maybe both. I STRONGLY disagree with the psychiatrist whom she was consulted to. Tama si che, kungs possible talaga eh sa “big brother mentally ill edition” na lang siya sumali. Doon talaga eh maari pa siyang manalo. Battle of the Hot Mamas kumbaga. *Aherm… Congratz sa mga Bea fans. Ngayon niyo lang nakitang ganyan si Bei. Heheheh. Kitams naman na barado si Big Hot Mama. Tsk tsk tsk… Buti na nga lang hindi pumutok ang mga LITID niya sa leeg, o kaya bumulatlat ang mga UGAT niya sa mata.

  3. Uhm… no comment pa ako nung una. Pero sa history ng PBB, dapat mabigyan sila ng award. Ngayon lng nagkaron ng maalab, ay hindi, nagbabagang kumprontasyon between two female boarders. Nice one ^_^

  4. Che and Entoy: I am sure there aree a lot of viewers who share to our views concerning the weirdo in the house. This incident will earn big points for Bea. I voting for her. She is very smart. Notice niya paano nya na “corner” ang weirdo. Maricris was like a broken record, always pointing out the same point over and over again. Wow! Bilib talaga ako kay Bea. She maintained her composure, even if the person she is talking to is somewhat “scary”..(noticed how big Maricis’ eyes gets BIG when she’s mad?).

  5. Maricris napakasama pla ng ugali mo! At first akala ko mabait ka. Nananahimik c Bea eh and ikaw pa ang galit na galit eh c Bea nga ang victim eh. I praise you Bea! Ikaw na fave housemate q! Although super sigaw c Maricris, u still remained calm and hnd ka sumisigaw. Ur a great example for all Filipinos! Naku! I’m sure d na masyadong gus2 ni Nel c Maricris! Alam na ni Nel tunay na ugali ni Maricris. I’m sure ayaw nya maging asawa ung ganun. Maikili ang pasensya. Go Bea! Go Bea! Boo Maricris! Boo Maricris!

  6. sulat nig ate ni Maricris sa FRIENDSTER!!

    I have just spoken to my sister. She is
    perfectly fine. She has finally spoken
    to our Dad.
    She just want to thank everyone of you
    who supported and voted her,our
    relatives ,Big Brother and PBB staff.
    She also said that Bea doesn’t have to
    worry because it is not her fault but
    God appointed this time for her.

    Maricris has joined PBB mainly because
    she was trying to find herself and not
    to enter the showbiz.Infact , we believe
    that God ended it that way for her
    because He wants to close the doors of
    showbiz to Maricris.
    She admitted that she would have wanted
    to win for my parents.She thought that
    would have been good but God knows best!

    God has a good and perfect plan for her
    and she has a calling in her life.
    ‘She was once lost but now she
    found’….God has removed the weight and
    the burdens she was carrying and no has
    opened the windows of blessings and the
    door that leads to her promise land.

    She is now ready to claim her reward
    from God, embrace her family and loved
    ones and live the good future that
    awaits her.

    Maricris said that she wants to bless
    her family, loved ones, friends,
    everyone who suported her, Big Brother,
    PBB staff, all the housemates of PBB2
    and the Philippines.
    She thanked God for not giving up on her.

    Go Maricris!!! You might not be the PBB
    winner but the most amazing thing is
    that you finally found God’s will for
    your life. YOU ARE LOVED !!! AND HIGHLY
    WE love you Maricris!!!

    ang plastik!!!

  7. Sara: During the telecast of the BB Swap, Sonja was not shown here as rude or someone with an attitude problem. Perhaps, because she was the closest to Bruce. He he he! Here in our country, Bruce is not that popular or the cutest among the housemates. He only became “famous” during the BB Swap, because he made our country proud. He is the typical Filipino, very flexible in dealing with different types of people.

    Wendy (Bruce’s fling in the house) is not also well-liked by the viewers. She is tactless and arrogant at times. One can never tell if she is a former beauty queen because she is loud and fond of the “street-language”.Oh well, that’s the BB house, one needs to be herself/himself to win. He he he!!

  8. i have been watching the pbb 24/7… but then… if only everyone could see how the housemates are really acting 24/7…you would say that among them, its maricris and wendy who’s been being too bossy and too judgmental… my, was i so glad to know wendy was automatically nominated..

  9. nakakatawa tlga c maricris dahil natanggal xa hindi dahil ninominate xa o hindi binoto dahil sa pagka eng’eng nya… good thing she let her out the PBB…

    bye maricris!!
    hope magpagaling ka…
    next time na jojoin ka…
    sa play ka na lang mag audition…
    malay mu don mu mahanap ang matagal mu nang hinahanap…

  10. I want to say to Bruce that I really admire him… in love na ko sau!!! nakakabaliw ka! i admire u because your trully a man lam mo kung an talaga gusto mo… paglaban mo nararamdaman mo! ill support you all the way… Always take care! Love you so much…

  11. nakakatakot naman si maricris sa pic niya sa taas.. parang balak kumain ng tao! Buti n lang nakaalis na ng bahay..war freak kasi eh..go bea!

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