Dog Eats Dog

In this vicious cycle of life, we can never fully give our trust to people outside our comfort zone. It is a dog-eats-dog world. People do the nastiest of things, without batting an eyelash, just to get to the top, stomping others to pieces with their cunning tactics and disrespectful maneuvers. Call it, desperation. They come in different package: well educated, friendly, open-minded, sweet, in short, a confidante material. They befriend you, and win your trust. With utmost confidence, you give in. Disguised in a sheep’s skin, you’ll never know what they are eyeing to. One realization though: having a doctorate degree does not exclude one from being a wolf. So be careful, be very careful.

People like this are most likely unhappy with their personal life. They shield there insecurities with a shining career. They perceive themselves as independent and strong-willed soul, but inside, they shed tears. They cry at night because they are swallowed by solitude and suffered the excruciating pain desperation.

Sigh. I hope, that I don’t sound to cynical now. Just venting.


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