Sexual Liberation

This is the very reason why my husband can not fathom why I am addicted to Pinoy Big Brother (and it’s adding a notch higher each evening I watch). Big Brother shows are somewhat sexually liberated. The housemates can have sex anywhere and whoever they want without being evicted or banned. Anything like this can happen (see photo below)… who knows, that they were just reciting the rosary under the blanket.

Oooppp! Don’t despair! This did not happen inside PBB. Yes, our very own PBB. Obviously, PBB is far far different from other Big Brother shows. Thanks to the housemates for not leaving their values outside the house. And also, to MTRCB for the tight censorship and nothing like this has ever happened. Sigh.

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4 thoughts on “Sexual Liberation

  1. i wonder how Bruce would deal with the more liberated atmosphere at the Slovenian BB? i saw a clip of his entrance at the house there, and judging from the women housemates’ body language, they’re interested. hehe.

  2. m reading your blog in the hope that I can understand why my wife is also engrossed to the big bro. i hope you don’t smack your hubby with a remote control when he does change channels like what my wife does (Ha! Ha!)

    bruce is coming bak ryt? i know kasi baka tusukin ako ng tinidor ni misis pag nilipat ko sa Jumong. Ha! ha!

    very entertaining blog and insightful as well. 🙂

  3. Badoodles: He can not do that to me (yet). Ha ha ha ha! For now, he is half-way around the world. He is not interested with this whole reality tv game.

    I always lure him into joining “Survivor”. He is 6’2, 169 lbs. and an athlete (swimmer), so he is very fit to join the adventure. But he jsut replied, “Oh, those are just a bunch of crap”. Ha ha ha! Too bad, his wife likes “crap” shows, so he has no choice. Ha ha ha!

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