Bruce Angelo Quebral in Big Brother Slovenia


It’s official! I got slapped in the face. I did not nail it. My hunch was wrong.

Big Brother Slovenia has chosen Bruce! Yes, you read it right. Tonight’s episode featured a phone patch with BSS’s representative, announcing their decision to “kidnap” the former UP Fighting Maroons cager among the remaining eleven housemates. Bruce is said to be exotic and could be a good competition with Slovenian hunks (I agree). With the turn of events, I surely am applying to be a certified PBB-holic.


53 thoughts on “Bruce Angelo Quebral in Big Brother Slovenia

  1. Helloo.. i come from slovenia….Bruce is soo sweet, nice and beautifuul…i hope that you know where is Slovenia… ;P kiss from me

  2. Hello Asima.
    Thanks for dropping by here. Yeah, I know where Slovenia is (after I surfed it in the Internet). I think, Slovenians are good-looking people ….and open-minded. The Big Brother show created a tie between Filipinos and Slovene now. 🙂

  3. heey!
    i come from slovenia too.
    i think you filipins are so cool and beautiful
    and this idea for changing the bruce and tina is awsome!!!
    i love you filipins!!!
    big kiss …bye!

  4. that’s what i thought of, too, while watching PBB last night (no choice Ting, everybody was glued to it while having late dinner. hehe)

    this housemates exchange is a brilliant idea, and imo, will give a positive image about the Filipino, and the Philippines. from what i saw, the PBB housemates seemed very hospitable to Tina, and it’s also commendable that they have introduced her to the culture(it was lovely watching them patiently teach her how to twirl the baton, and to speak Tagalog, and act out her lines as Reyna Elena…). and at Bruce’s end, his inclusion into the Slovenian version certainly added a different level of interest into their otherwise boring “eat-and-sleep” routine.

    i wonder if this housemates swap has been done before? i think i’m becoming a fan of PBB… 🙂

  5. hey!
    Look,these peope who are in our big brother are stupid!
    no one likes SONJA .they think that she is strange but she is not!!!
    and meybi for that mistake they don’t talk too bruce…I just realy don’t understand them…If i was in BB i won’t be so rude to Bruce cuz’ he is very grate person…but meybi he miss too much his wendy:D…But the oder slovenian arn’t like these in BB…we are so much nice then these
    HeHe…me too!

  6. Hello Sara and Jun,

    I am pretty sad today. The BB Swap has ended. Tina just boarded a plane on her way to Slovenia. I don’t know for Bruce. Oh I miss seeing sweet Tina in PBB. She is really pretty and friendly.

    BTW, Sara, I heard that Bruce is an instant celebrity in Slovenia and a lot of girls like him. Is this true?

  7. Hi, there…

    I would like to tell my opinion about bruce and slovenian housemates, too. I’m from slovenia and i’m so dissapointed..bruce seems so nice, kind and polite..a really nice and gentle guy.. And it was obviously that our slovenian boys in BB house were jealouss-no comment!..i don’t know what else to say..I’m sad… but we are not bad people..



  8. Ting: wow! you’ve got Slovenian readers! asteg, parang BB na rin! hehe.

    Sara and Spela: it might be because they don’t know Bruce that much that’s why they are distancing from him. like Sonja, they find his ways strange, he’s foreign after all… and that’s why Bruce and Sonja seem to get along well, too.

    but i never saw/felt this while watching the few clips on PBB, they all seemed ok with Bruce. maybe ABS-CBN showed only the more interesting and positive segments. which is a good thing anyway.

    other than for the intense heat, your girl, Tina has nothing to complain about here in the Philippines, i’m sure. and will have only good stories to tell when she gets back. she is well liked here, too.

  9. Jun, perhaps, it means, only a few people are blogging about it. LOL!

    Welcome to my blog Slovenians!

    By the way, Spela, I am quite confused here. Based from your comment, sounds like BB men do not like Bruce at all. Am I right? Really? We, Filipino viewers, have no idea about this. Because what is shown in the Philippine version is ALL good things about the swap. We have this impression that everything is fine with Bruce and the housemates. I tried to surf the Slovene Big Borther site but sad to say, I can not understand it. But there is one video that says, “BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, BA…(something I can not make our the words) QUEBRAL PHILIPPINES” Here’s the link

    What does this mean in English? Care to share.

  10. Hi,again:)

    At first I would like to explain you Bruce’s autograph on the shirts..slovenian BB has decided to help Bruce and his family financially..they will sell the T-shirts and that money goes to Bruce-on his account.. i hope you understand me..

    Ting, I think that “our” BB men were,like I said before,a little jelouss..and they were acting like stupid fools..they don’t speak english,just a bit,and that was a problem, my opinion they should be more hospitable,like PBB housemates were with Tina,and at least for a second forget all the problems they have in the house..
    I really would like to know Bruce’s feellings and opinion..But i’m afraid that he will say this was the bad experience.
    The fact is that we live in a different world..don’t have the same habits,beliefs..and so on.. and our people obviously “forgot” this.and i’m really sad..

    take care,Spela

  11. hey again!
    yes i m very sad too.
    but i have some great news:
    we slovenian people will help bruce’s family!!!
    I like that idea cuz’ i fell sorry for him.Our boy’s in BB wasn’t nice too him meybi 2 or 3 day’s.
    they could me humanic cuz’ Bruce saw snow at first time.
    (P.s. my english isn’t so well so I apologies )
    and ŠPELA dobrodošla med slovenci:D(v tem forumu)

  12. hello..

    one of out BB housemate left the BB house today(BB’s punished him)..because he insulted BB and he was talking ugly words about Bruce..sorry to tell this,but it’s true..i cannot believe attitude and behaviour of this people we have in BB house..dissaster!!!!!!!

    lots of love,Spela

  13. Jun: Yeah, you’re right. It’s Bruce’s signed shirts after all. Sorry for the ignorance.Thanks for the trackback. Welcome to PBB-holic Anonymous!

    Spela: No worries on that. Bruce is grateful for the great opportunity to travel to Slovenia (according to his interview) and met the HMs there. He said, it was tough, but still, happiness overruled this petty misunderstanding. I agree, language is the great barrier for this swap. Not all knows English so well. The guys there are somewhat brutally honest. I think, one ridiculed Bruce about not submerging himself in the jacuzzi because the water might turn into “chocolate”. Who was that? It’s a bit offensive (well, for me). But anyway, everything is well now. Tina and Bruce went home with big smiles on their faces.

    By the way, are you talking about Pero? the rude one? Well, I can say that he is so insecure. Too bad for him 😦

    Sara: Hello again. That’s very thoughtful of Slovenians to help him out. It sums up into one, Slovenians are great people, and the attitude of some BB guys can not tarnish that fact. Well, this is true to all nationalities. Some are good, some are bad.

    Spela & Sara: Don’t worry about your English. We are on the same boat. I don’t speak or write that well too. Take care! Have a blessed day!

  14. hey!
    tnx for understanding…
    Yes,it was Pero who was rude to him and to bb…so he left the house…so now sonja is realy alone…her and bruce understand very well(she tought him some slovenian words)
    in one way I m glad that he went back to pbb but in other way we gonna missed him very much,he was different than us but he was still the best…
    I have one Question:Is Wendy in love whit Burce?if she not then i fell sorry for him…Then he must come to slovenia here he will find the girl who will love him…that’s for sure :D(he is very celeb. in our country:))

  15. Good morning Sara,

    Sonja was really nice to Bruce. Actually, she is the only one like among the Slovenians HMs. Because she never showed a hair of being racist. By the way, what do you call yourselves, Slovenes or Slovenians? I am confused on this. 🙂

    If there is one value that we, Filipinos, are proud of, that would be being hospitable. Regardless of races, white, black and brown, we don’t care. We treat our visitors with utmost respect and hospitality. That is the real Filipino. Some foreigners are mistaken it as being FLIRTY. Very wrong.

    I am not really surprised if Tina will be coming back here in our country after her BB stint there. Like Bruce, Tina captures the heart of the Filipinos, because she is nice and respectful amidst the obvious cultural difference. She is a big celebrity here. I am one of her biggest fan here. Kidnapping her for week is the biggest and brightest decision PBB has made so far.

    As for Wendy, she likes Bruce a lot, but she has a boyfriend already (the downside, a married man-without her knowledge when they met) . What they have is some sort of mutual admiration and respect. They click for the sole reason that they went through the same experiences…like being the financial provider for the family. She also modeled and even worked in Japan as entertainer just to feed her family. So Bruce, in one way or the other, can relate to her. Personally, I don’t like Wendy. She has a very strong personality that it becomes annoying. Sometimes you wonder is she is being real. But heck, to her own. She can a great person too (to some). She is smart. Personally, I don’t think that it will be them (in a relationship) after the PBB period.

  16. helloooo.. again..

    Ting..we are slovenians..I think..eheheh..yes, we say slovenian people..slovenians..
    Yes, you are so hospitable and some may think you are flirty..I know the difference..hehehe…
    tina is celebrity there?Interesting!I don’t like tina….but in PBB was a bit different like here in SBB..but this is normal of course..something new in PBB..and vice versa ..
    People here like Bruce a lot..they really like him..I mean, WE like much..but boys inside SBB’s house showed their racial descrimination..but i think they didn’t want to hurt him..but but the fact is they should’ve held theirself back a bit with this strange sense of humour..but the most important thing for me is that Bruce have, outside the BB house, a lot of fans..pero and miha were rude to bruce, but i’m sure that they have just that kind of stupid sense of humour(I allready said that) that is NOT acceptable!!!!!!
    Wendy&Bruce..hmmm…it is obviously they have a lot in common(i agree with you,Ting)..have no idea what is going to happen with them when this show ends..

    Ting,I would like to say one more thing..i’m really happy to find this website.. :-) seem so nice..

    take care,


  17. Ting: i so agree with you about hospitality being a big thing for us Filipinos. like, all throughout the few episodes i was able to watch, i was ever wary how the PBB housemates would be treating Tina… whether she’ll be made comfortable, assisted, helped? what good things will they treat her with?… and they didn’t diappoint. hehe.
    i am sure this was true with the rest of the Filipino viewers, too. 🙂

  18. hey!
    yes i heard thet tina is very philliphines,that is very great for her …i agree whit spela i am happy too 2 find this amaizing blog to chat whit realy nice people like you.I m sad if u had a bad opinion in slovenians
    so take care u people
    and good night too all of you

  19. Spela: Slovenian it is. PBB host always refers to your as Slovenes. Ha ha ha!

    I am pretty sure that Tina makes the whole of Slovenia proud. She is a great girl. Not a racist at all. I had to laugh at her though, when PBB tried to convince her to eat our ever-famous “balut” (unborn chicken). The look in her face is fun to look at. Ha ha ha! She is cute.

    I just realized now that the racism issue has created a big fuss in your country. Honestly, it is offensive, but Filipinos are not that serious in taking things. If it was intended as a joke, then so be it. It’s a joke. The bad thing about it is, they said it in your native tongue. Well, this makes it different.

    Rest assured, we Filipinos do not hold grudges at all. Everything is still in the name of pure entertainment.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts here at my blog. Honestly, I am flattered that I have Slovenians friends here. Take care too!

  20. Jun: Sometimes this whole cultural difference sucks big time. Being hospitable sometimes gets us into trouble. Some foreigners are just plain “paranoid” and ASSUMING. They think that Filipinos are ALWAYS talking or spying on them. Personally, it is very irritating and annoying, but heck, you can not do anything to change their minds, right? Sometimes I hold myself from talking or just being friendly because they might perceive it as FLIRTING or BEING NOSY. Filipinos are also being stereotyped, and I hate it. 🙂 Just because you are a Filipino, they will say,..”you are like this and like that”. Again, to heck with them. LOL!

  21. Sara: Oh Sara…that’s so sweet of you to say that. I am blushing now. Well, I hope that you and Spela will visit my blog every now and then even if I am not blogging about Bruce or PBB. Ha ha ha ha! By the way, do you a blog of your own? Take care!

  22. tnx…Im just saying what is true:D
    yes afcorse I will visit…I know that it will sound stupid but i don’t know how to start bloging…for the issue ofracizm i will tell you this is in all country no matter how beautiful contry or no matter how nice people are there always find someone who is rude too you!
    have a nice day,

  23. i think i know what you’re talking about, Ting. i guess we’re just more open, embracing, carefree compared to other cultures which tend to be uptight and formal. and yes, we’re just preoccupied with being hospitable. LOL.

    i agree with what sara says. there will always be a few rotten apples in a bucket of good ones. this holds true for this country, too. a few foreigners are wary about the misfortunes that befell their unlucky compatriots while here.

    by the way, correction Ting, if i may(asus! hehe): balut is unborn duck embryo, not chicken. check this out for more of Filipino food:

  24. today SONJA was eliminated:( I m just sad
    I agree whit jun. you fillipino are preoccupied whit being hospitable,but its great to be hospitable people like you more and more…But you shuldn’t be so much nice cuz’ people exploit that and that is not good
    good night,bye!

  25. yes,she isn’t famous here.Yes its like that.can i ask you something?
    can u give me your email or your messingers cuz’ i want to chat whit you cuz’ i see that u are realy fine persons:D

  26. hey ting.. junanteoLa.. sara.. speLa..

    juz finished reading aLL of your conversation here… i find it interesting. (hehe)..

    i’m not actuaLLy a PBBhoLic and don’t even used to watch it.. but my cLassmates infLuenced me to do so and make it a habit.. i find watchin it a nice one though.. hehe

    SPELA & SARA: yeah.. your boys in the BBH aren’t reaLLy that so nice !.. When they made that racist remark to Bruce, omg! I was thinking if aLL of you there Like Bruce or not, just Like the two boys in that house.. *sigh*.. anyway.. thanks for Loving my feLLow kababayan, Bruce. Imma say this now… your impressions about us is right.. what ting had said is right.. ! hahaha.. we are reaLLy hospitabLe and nice.. but yeah.. we can’t reaLLy hide that truth that there are stiLL some who are not.. hehe.. but the good thing is MOST OF US stiLL counts !

    TING & JONANTEOLA: nice one ! go ! ! ! hehehehe..

  27. nice blog
    i agree that slovenian boys really aren’t so nice with bruce during his stay in sbb
    about filipino hospitality..i guess that was the trademark of filipinos,
    but foreigners misinterprete us(filipinos) for being so so nice with other race(s)

  28. Hi Sara! I think that is your googletalk ID. I’ll email you, okay.

    Welcome to the club Bec!!!Thank you for the compliment.TC! BTW, you have a nice blog too. Like it!

    Jan, I am thinking twice about the “hospitality” inside PBB during Tina’s visit. Read my post about “Open Letter“. Basing from the author’s letter, Wendy was not being nice to Tina all along. Anyway, she is the only HM who was not being naturally friendly. Good that she is out of the house now!!!!

  29. heLLo Ting !.. so you’ve been to my website?.. Leave a comment there if you want.. hehe.. errrrrmmmmm… the thing you’ve said Leads into my curiosity.. (about that hospitaLity thingy of wendy).. hmmmmm.. gonna read it !..

  30. juz finished reading the “open Letter”.. my sisters used to watched the 24/7 of it.. we never reaLLy noticed it.. i mean.. wendy’s bad atittude towards tina.. proLLi because we never reaLLy watch it so cLose.. LMAO

    thanks for the infos..

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