Big Brother Swap

The biggest announcement so far in the history of the ever-famous Pinoy Big Brother (Season 2) really got me back into my senses this weekend. A swap between Big Brother Slovenia and Pinoy Big Brother is set to happen on April 19!! Wowowee! This is cooler than anything I know of! One housemate from Slovenia (need to google the geographical location of the country) will travel to the Philippines to live with the Pinoy housemates for one whole week, same as one PBB housemate will fly to Europe to have a taste of Slovenian hospitality and culture.

Let me see. Who could be that lucky (or unlucky) housemate? I am rooting for Mickey and Gee-Ann (along with Pamela). Obviously, they are my favorites. Both are smart, open-minded, pleasant to the eyes and most importantly, not plastik. They are my bets for the Final 2. I hope that the Filipino crowd will vote those who are sincere, and not those who always cry and try to be pitiful because of their so-called poverty experiences.







6 thoughts on “Big Brother Swap

  1. Hello Jana,

    I hope that Dionne will get to the final 4. She is becoming a good girl now. *winkx*
    She had me held my breath though, when she professed her admiration to Mickey to Mickey himself.

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