Our CHErie Amor

Behind that cute and innocent-looking face is a very strong-willed and achievement-driven Atenista. She is a jolly friend, a great confidante and the “baby” of the group, simply because she is the youngest and the most “manang” (read: conservative)…. a late bloomer. But now, she surprises me along with our univ friends with the unstoppable success of her career…and she is no longer the barriotic lass I know (she gonna kill me for this). She exudes the aura of a modern Filipina. Carefree, witty, sweet and loving.

I know you are reading this, Che. I tell you now, you do not deserve to be hurt. You better decide now, before it is too late. Yes, follow your heart and where it leads you to, but be smart enough to lead a life free from unfaithfulness and deceit. I know, you know what I mean. Cheer up, my friend!


6 thoughts on “Our CHErie Amor

  1. Tess, you are the best! thanks friend.

    It’s such an irony to see that a beautiful, smart, career-oriented woman could settle for anything less. I don’t know any psycho-analytical explanation why sometimes women can remain stubborn with our reasons on love and all that $#!+.

    The past doesn’t look so ugly anymore now that I have come to acknowledge that some things has to be learned the hard way for us to become better and beautiful persons.

    Loves yah tess. mwaaah

  2. weeeeeeeee! ang galing-galing naman! ikaw ang featured star dito, ah! hehehe! sikat na pala si cherryl ngayon! go! go! go! goodluck sa career mo! (artista ang dating,ah?!) hmmmm! God Bless and sana matupad na ‘yong inaasam-asam mo..marami pa ang darating para sa’yo..take your time! don’t rush! ingat ka lagi. mmmuuaaah!

  3. Che: You are welcome!II I really hope that you will be happy for real. No more, buts and ifs. Just stay happy. Lalaki hilakan,ssshhhh..
    yempre pakamatyan!LOL!

    Mikel: Thanks for dropping by. I assume, you are Che’s friend too. She is one great gal. During our univ days, she has the most number of friends among us. Super friendly and nice kasi…she deserves to be treated well. LOL!

  4. This girl is one a kind that’s why di ko na pinalampas.hehehe…Very sweet and maalaga. No question sa beauty kasi proven naman na kahit taken na marami pa ring interesadong manligaw sa kanya…Hope you will not stop loving me despite sa mga pagkakamali ko. I’ll always be here for you kahit marami pa tayong problemang haharapin sa buhay. Always stay sweet and loving bawas lang ng kunting kamalditahan.hehehe..love you kigs……mwah!

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