More of Camiguin Island (1)

Mr. Dahlum and son, Andre.

Pictures Courtesy of Mr. Martin Dahlum and Andre


5 thoughts on “More of Camiguin Island (1)

  1. Hello Mr. Dahlum & Andre,

    Glad to see you here! Should I say, at last! “Mr. or Sir”, It’s a habit. Sorry Sir, but it’s hard to break it.

    Thanks for calling my attention about your link and posting Action Gecko’s site here. Some people here, mostly Filipinos from Visayas and Luzon, are quite interested with Camiguin Island.

    See you around!!!

  2. Hello Tingting,

    I know, its a long time ago. But i remember the good time in Villanueva.
    How are you? How was your trip to America?
    Whats about you and your family?
    Are you still working in SPI-Office?

    My family and i, we are in good health. Everything is fine.
    Since 10 month we are Grandparents. Our Grandson, named Lukas is now the center of our family.

    Im still working at my homepage. May you remember.
    Sorry , but its only in German-Language.
    May be later additional in English.

    Hopefully, I here (read) from you again.
    Greetings. Martin (you know, no Mr. no Sir)

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