More of Camiguin Island (2)

Thank you to my co-rafter and officemate, the super-kind, Mr. Dahlum, for letting me post these pictures.

I am green with envy now. I am salivating just looking at these pics. How I wish I was there.

Canyoning at Katibawasan Waterfalls


4 thoughts on “More of Camiguin Island (2)

  1. Hello Ting, I haven’t been to Camiguin actually. The pictures are so beautiful. Anyways, about your question, my due date was supposedly April 8 but since the I have gestational diabetes they induced me last March 31 and I did not have him till April 2 through C-section. I am still recovering right now. He is still in the hospital though for 7 days kay he had an infection that the neonatal doctors would like to get rid of it first before he can go home which is a good idea. He pooped inside me already and must have eaten it or something or he got the infection from me kay nagkahilanat man ko. At first, I broke in tears when I realized that he won’t be going home with us and when I saw him in his incubator with all the gadgets. Pero looking at the brighter side of it, I was able to take a good rest and he will be just fine once he comes home. He is a big baby by the way. 8 lbs and 2 oz. I will post pictures as soon as he is home. Take Care and thank you so much for the visit. Ryan and my MIL said he looks like Ryan. I can’t figure out who he looks like. All I know that it is a beautiful feeling.

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