“Panaad 2007” in Camiguin Island

Panaad. A Cebuano term that means “a religious sacrifice or promise”. What about it? Well, just that the religious color of the Holy Week is already stained with pleasure and leisure. Indeed, the celebration of Holy Week is not just about carrying a cross and fretting from our routine. Modern culture dictates that it is about relaxing and enjoying the wonders of nature (the reason why Boracay is near to extinction). People are no longer “stagnant” during this week. They play and play.

A lot of wonderful places turn into tourists’ Meccas in the country including Camiguin Island. I have been there many times, both for business and pleasure; I am really enticed with nature and the remoteness of the place. Well, if you like adventure, this is the place for you. Today, many devout Catholic and wide-eyed tourist are flocking the island to celebrate the ever-famous “Panaad 2007”. I witnessed it once, and really, it was the greatest!

I am not kill-joy type, and I encourage everyone to take a break and relax…at the same time celebrate the “holiness” of this week.Ciao.



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