Celebrating April Fool’s Day-slash-Palm Sunday at the CDO White Water Rafting


It is my second time around, enjoying the rapids of Cagayan de Oro River.My first time was on Rizal’s Day (December 30) of year 2005. Yes, I am paddler. Not yet a certified one, but a struggling neophyte. I have to applause at myself though, for bravely making the “graduation rite”. Jumping off from a big rock (as high as a roof-top of a bungalow)! Such an adventurous day today. I love everything about it, the scorching heat of the sun, the ever-so-green trees, the water striders, the chirping birds, the cool waters, just everything.

There are six adventure companies operating in the same area. Each has its own promo. Anyway, I just want to spread the news that CDO White Water Rafting (the pioneer) is having a promo for the whole summer. From Php.1, 200/person, they have it at a discounted rate of Php.500.00/person for the beginner’s ride (of about 3 hours) with fourteen (14) rapids to enjoy. Enjoy the summer!!!

Oh by the way, don’t forget your sunblock or else, you will be like me. I am red as a lechon (roasted pig) now. Suffering from second degree burn is not good.


On the other side of the fence….

Seeing parishioners parading to the church, I felt a guilt feeling. How could I forget about going to church? I know, I know. It’s awful. I am simply awful. Yes, I am a non-practicing catholic. It’s very unbelievable for a choir member (during my younger years). During my pious days , I went to church almost whenever there was a mass or a religious celebration..or even a “pahina”. Now, I am nowhere to be seen. But I do not forget to silently pray, in which case, more than always…when I am happy, sad or worried.




4 thoughts on “Celebrating April Fool’s Day-slash-Palm Sunday at the CDO White Water Rafting

  1. I haven’t gone white water rafting since…forever. I want to experience it before I die though. I’ve read a short novel about it before (I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s a Sweet Dreams story, lol) and I wanna try it.

    I don’t have to know how to swim, right? 😀

    I was a devout Catholic. I used to go to masses religiously, read and study my Bible, was also a choir member, but then I just got out of it. I don’t consider myself to belong to one religion. I guess I’m now “agnostic” in practice.

  2. Shari (aka Misteryosa), you are here! I am “star-strucked”. BTW, congrats again!

    The 3-hour tour is not at all dangerous especially it’s summer (the water level is low). Yes, no need to learn swimming. The life vest is big enough to keep you floating.

    I guess, we are in the same boat with regards to religion. 🙂

    You and your friends should try it!!

  3. The website you mentioned is quite obsolete. Some of the places included in that website have long been closed (6 years ago). The regular rate for the past 2 years has been 900 Pesos. Because of competition with other rafting companies, they offered a summer rate of 500 Pesos.

    Check my new tourist website at

  4. What is great about whitewater compared to man-made thrill rides is that it never is the same each time you paddle you way thru the rapid. And yet you still get the same excitement when you tried it the first time even you have taken rafting many times.

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