The Philippine Blog Awards

I am really sick tonight! I just caught a “blogmoebic fever” after browsing Jonas Diego’s site (thanks). I learned that Pinoy blogosphere has its dedicated awarding body, The Philippine Blog Awards. Wow! I say it again, WOW! This is so cool! I just discovered tons of great Filipino blogs around the world. It’s so overwhelming that I do not want to sleep tonight. Special mention to my bets; for the main category, Anton’s Our Awesome Planet, and for the special award, Francesca’s francescainfrance. At least now, I have the reason to evade message boards (right, Jun?). But really guys, take time to vote for who you think has the best blog.




5 thoughts on “The Philippine Blog Awards

  1. …u got blogmoebic fever and I was infected by blogovirus after I saw so many ppl expressing thmeselves and their thoughts and opinions so vociferously in this pseudo world. It is like a movement – a movement that knows no boundaries and that has the potential to become a revolution – a knowledge revolution…with so many revolutions we hear everyday, this another revolution may sound amusing but …. let it amuse us for a while 😉

    …ll now go for voting but before i dive into this ocean, i thot’ of putting up a cmnt here…

  2. Vivek,

    So you are sick also. Blogging gives a different feeling, a thrill to bloggers. Agree, it’s a venue to air our supposed-to-be-discreet views.Pseudo world? I don’t agree to that. Well, this will only hold true to anonymous bloggers.

    Thanks for dropping a comment here. It is very well appreciated.Do visit again.

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