“Entertainment City” in Manila

The Philippine gaming and amusement arm, PAGCOR, just announced its plan to establish an “Entertainment City” along Roxas Boulevard in Manila with a whooping budget estimate of $20Billion. The said agency aired that it has already in communication with an array of renowned foreign investors from Greece, Japan, US and Malaysia to help realize the said project. This may be good news to some, but to others, this news poses a great threat to the ongoing preservation of the Filipino conservative lifestyle. Gaming is obviously equated with immorality. Truly, it is greeted with vigilant rejection from various religious pillars in the country except for Archbishop. Tobias, who openly airs his support for the said project.

My take on this.

Let us not underestimate the power of judgment of the Filipinos. Do not curtail our right to judge as to what is good or bad, same as, what is moral or not. So what if the government will create this Entertainment City? In the end, it is our choice whether or not to patronize it. Besides, minors are not allowed to partake in such a form of entertainment. Not all of us are born with conservative views on life. So let us respect and live harmoniously amidst the existing diversity of opinions. More of the story here.


3 thoughts on ““Entertainment City” in Manila

  1. i hav no qualms about PAGCOR erecting the Entertainment City. itz tru that the Bible forbids us gambling but PAGCOR is a charitable organization so all proceeds of the gambling will go to charities. itz lyk the indians bonding together to form a casino in their reservation and u play ther, ther’s nothing immoral about it because all ur money goes to the upliftment of the indians. wat is immoral is wasting dollars away in vegas or macau while elsewhere, lots of pipz are wasting their life away

  2. Wow.. $20billion is a big project. The way I look at it, it is a positive step for Philippine development. I love Philippine beaches. It is the most wonderful place on the face of mother earth. Who knows, one day Philippines might overtake Thailand in this industry.

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