Sad But True

It’s good to be back. I have been busy the whole weekend running errands, and reading this (whenever I have chance).

I am also a member of a Fil-West forum, which has become a venue of flaming and fights (sad ’bout this) lately. I had my own share of such experience too . But looking back, I just laugh. It becomes funny witnessing people bashing. Funny because some people seem to have no life outside the net. A humorous remark is sure to get a harsh reply. Somebody who brags about her/his life is considered an “outcast”. For now, I like the people there (simply because I don’t know much about them, so there is nothing to despise of–better that way). Personally, I don’t mind people lifting their own chair as long as it is true and as long as it does not harm others. There is this one lady that I salute for that. She never gets irritated with the unfriendly replies to her posts. Instead of fighting back like a dragon, she does it reversely. Funny…I like her style.

Oh well, to her/his own.


10 thoughts on “Sad But True

  1. lol…Well there is a saying we can not please everyone. How are you na nga pala? What you been upto lately?.. I like Fel style as well.. She is nuts..hahah

  2. An Update:
    Wow!!! I spent an hour reading 2 threads at the forum I am referring here. Boy, it’s getting hot there!!Sometimes, I wonder if some of these so-called online friends (who comfort the victim) are really “friends”.Thoughts are running into my mind now. Lesson learned for me…wag maki-sawsaw sa ayaw ng iba.

  3. That’s true, Jun. I am getting discouraged myself. Perhaps, I should delete myself from this forum’s list. I am sure that my better-half will be happy with it. He always discourages me to join message boards. He is not the online “visible” type kasi.

  4. the problem with message boards is that people can post with relative anonymity, and a lot tend to abuse that. people like to play god, like they know it all, and their idea is the only thing that matters. there are exceptions of course, the very rare ones who can carry decent, civilized conversations.

    message boards may still be handy, for brainstorming perhaps, when you need as many inputs/ideas as you want and do not hold any regard whether these are real or imagined, logical or loony. but then opinions in message boards can only be taken lightly, as these people do not necessarily know the real circumstances, and often are given only one perspective of things to base their judgment upon.

    pero it’s true… makabuang! 🙂

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