Korean Invasion

I had a swift trip to Cebu City yesterday, and I noticed two things,

 1.) The taxi drivers are scumbags (well, it’s anywhere in the country); and

2.) I saw a lot (as in) of Koreans in the city street and at the mall!

 What’s with the Philippines?

They are everywhere in the country nowadays. I remember, there was this documentary show about them settling here for good due to lesser cost of living and affordable English-based education. Here, they can live like tourist with all the convenience in life. I just wonder how it is like in Korea. Many of us would die just to live and work in progressive countries like theirs. Before we knew it, our country will become “the other Korea” in Asia. Worst, the government we will run be “Filipinized Koreans”.    


60 thoughts on “Korean Invasion

  1. Hi, What’s going there today? I visited Makati a few years ago during the summer. It was very humid but I didn’t mind. The food was wonderful. In the future, I hope to go back there. Take care and have a great weekend!

  2. Hello Scott. Welcome to my blog!

    Philippines is just the same, or should I say getting worse each day especially that the national & local election is fast approaching this May. As early as last year, a number of politicians and press people died because of ambush. Some politicians are also busy milking big companies & businessmen in their locality to fund their campaign.

    On the lighter note, many tourists are still enticed with the tropical climate, beautiful people and the affordable cost of living. Yeah, you should visit the Phil sometime. YOu will love it here. BTW, I like Makati too.TC.

  3. many r saying that we, koreans are migrating here in the PHILIPPINES….it’s not that education here is affordable. Education in KOREA is hard but english here is much better than there…..sometimes FILIPINOS hate us because we r like invading your country but, sometimes they r dying just to make friends w/ us. We don’t lived our life here like foreigners but, we also try to be just like a normal filipino citizen. I’m now living here in the PHILIPPINES for 12yrs. and i learned now how to speak tagalog fluently

    • hhmm. i dont get whats wrong wit koreans in the Philippines. I mean, koreans are very cool and nice, sometimes theyre rude but they dont know. I mean, they go there to enjoy philippines 2…not just AFFORD EDUCATION. its ok when koreans are migrating there. im filipino and im ok with it

      • I think that you have been eating a lot of “Choco Pie” and watching too much Korean dramas.

        And what the hell is this? — “…sometimes theyre rude but they dont know”

        How many Korean friends have you got? 5 or 10? Of course they show you good things because they are your friends. But have you seen what have they done to others?

        In my case, I have been teaching stupid Koreans for a long time and I know, first hand, how they abuse and exploit the Philippines and the Filipinos.

        Try to read my posts and you will learn what are wrong with these slit eyed gooks.

        It’s OK for them to tour our country but not migrate.

        Try to look deeper at how they treat our country and countrymen.

    • Not all Filipinos are dying to make friends with you. The Filipinos trying to make friends with you are mostly the mediocre and mindless Filipinos. Most intelligent Filipinos would rather have friends of better nationalities.

      If you want to live like normal Filipino citizens, please tell your fellow Koreans to respect our laws, our culture, and the Filipino people.

    • By the way, I forgot…

      One more reason that many Filipinos are”dying” to be friends with you is that WE, the Filipinos, are really HOSPITABLE people – unlike South Koreans who are full of arrogance and deceit.

      Filipinos treat all foreigners as guests. However, South Korean “guests” are being very arrogant and very rude to the host.

  4. min-ju kim: 12 years in the Philippines? Wow! that’s very long already. It’s obvious that you really like it here. Tagalog is a hard language to learn, I hope you do well. TC.

    Some Koreans are pretty good-looking. I am sure, the Pinoys would not mind having you here in our country.

    • i would sday most koreans are very good looking. and koreans btw are also trying to help philippines from being poor, accordingto many students on theur reports

      • Those are just students’ reports.

        They are not helping the Philippines for being poor. They are helping themselves for being “poor” because they evade paying duties and taxes.

        They come here in the Philippines under the guise of Christian missionary works and outreach programs. However, it is only to cover the true purpose why they are here.

        And because of that…

        …some of them do not secure SSP or the Special Study Permit in order to study basic English for like a couple of months.

        …some of them illegally organize seasonal businesses like English camps wherein they illegally employ Filipino teachers.

        In short, they are not doing an honest work of helping out the poor here.

  5. I live around Baguio City and man is it infested by rude, arrogant, and downright abusive and racist Koreans. They move around the city carrying this swagger and attitude as if they own the city and that we Filipinos ought to be grateful that we have been graced by their presence.

    They come here to learn English fromus and yet they pay us slave wages. Their missionaries treat us Filipinos as if we’re not even remotely Christian and as if we know nothing about Christianity.

    They really are very, very rude and arrogant; heck, whenever they enter establishment such as malls they just rush pass through the guards not wishing to be frisked. Heck, most non-Koreans, especially Europeans, I’ve encountered are polite and are generally respectful of our laws but these Koreans…they really know how to push the right buttons that inflame the ire of Filipinos around them.

    But worst of all, I hate the fact the we Filipinos just allow ourselves to be pushed around by these Gaijin. We ought firmly but politely stand up to them when we have to.

    And you know what, you rude Koreans, NIPPON shall always be better than CHOUSEN. Baka Chousenjin.


    • This is very true.

      They think that they know the most about Christianity. Whereas, we, the Filipinos, are the first Christian country in Asia.

      South Koreans are really rude.

      They are also racist.

      They hate Japan.

      They hate China.

      They hate the USA.

      They hate the people around them and the people who helped them.

      They even hate their ancestral brothers in North Korea.

      and now, they are starting to hate us?

      Fuck that!

      Filipinos! Wake up! It’s time for another revolution against these slit-eyed assholes!

      I hope Kim Jong-il nukes their slit-holed asses back to the stone age.

  6. filipino are shallow people and not too smart.. maybe that’s why the country is so poor and unproductive…. i think phils should be taken over by asian foreigners bring filipinos into 21st century.. rather than living like lazy bums..
    i think the only thing good about phils. is the easy horny girls…
    Filipinos need to look at themselves and criticize their laziness and mindless behavior… its a sad place and the world will always see filipinos as 2nd class people who are stupid and lazy unless they change themselves and work harder and use their brains.

    all the irresponsible filipinos who knock up their GF’s and run away need to be put in jail. Even monkeys don’t abandon their mates… its makes me think filipinos are not even on same level as monkeys… filipinos should feel shame and blame themselves for the poor state of their society…

    DO u know the worlds image of filipina is either a nurse or prostitute.. ur country can’t even provide for them and offer them jobs.. so thousands work in bars as whores in asia or as nurse in US..

    Filipinos need to take care of their society and work for progress.. their country and filipinos are really sad race.. they need to shape up or lose their country to be controlled by stronger peoples.

    • Brady, you sound like a racist. Do you really hate Filipinos so much? Where are you from? Is this what your schools are teaching you? I feel sorry for you because you’re ignorant and cannot see the whole picture. Not all Filipinas are, what you called it? “Prostitute or Nurses” There are many Filipinas who are simply not “For Sale” or cannot be bought. Have you ever been to the Philippines? Do you think all Filipinas are cheap? You’re making one helluva mistake.

      Let me tell you, the Philippines is a new nation. Even America had its own civil wars and struggled to be an industrialized country but where’s America right now? How’s their economy? You see in this world nothing’s permanent. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. My country will have it’s time and when that time comes I hope you’re country’s economy is still okay.

      • k brady…ur not beign respectful. people hes probably one of those anti filipino koreans. but poeple, i would know, i have so many korean friends. they actually like ur country which is the pilipines

    • brady..ur creating so much racism here. this is one reason why filipinos are hating koreans. theyre TALKIGN SHIT ABOUT FILIPINOS K? u guys have to respect each other

  7. oh shut up brady!you talk as if you know all filipinos!youre just making that through your observations from other filipinos.not all filipinos are lazy!and dont u call us dumb!not all of us are stupid!as if you dont have stupid people in your side of the country!and you generalize filipino girls as whores!you should be ashamed of yourself!as if your girls arent that easy to get!were not as horny as you are!we dont take sex as a casual thing unlike youre kind of people!and dont talk like youre kind will marry a woman after you get them pregnant!abortion in your place is even legal!how inhuman are you!and yes filipinos are working their butts in other countries to earn money,they work for people like you and thats how youre going to repay them,by being rude to them!sad race you say?can you even see very poor filipinos that are living on the streets eating only one meal a day crying?no!theyre still happy with what theyve got!u cant see a lot of filipino children with blotted tummies due to malnourishment unlike other third world countries!im not saying that were that good.youre just way below the belt with your words!

  8. Brady, Brady, Brady….I served in Korea, MANY whores there, many. Rude whores at that. Now there are whores everywhere and the Filipina whores are the nicest. The RP has some pains to still go through to turn the economy around, hmm, didn’t the US help “fix” the South Korean economy… I think yes. When the RP can muddle through the government corruption (it is in all countries) and establish an effective means to collect taxes and provide infrastructure improvement outside investment will come. When that happens, well, the Filipinas will still be nicer whores thana zipperhead whore from Korea.

  9. how dare you brady to call filipinos stupid!!!you ignorant fool!!!were not stupid!!!you are!!!and you say that filipinas are seen as whores,as if theres no whores in your country!!!they are everywhere…you jackasss!!!!

    • HEY GUYS! U GUYS HAVE TO GET ALONG! plz stop being racist. its not nice. k koreans and pinoys have to get along. just cuz koreans are overopulating doesnt mean u gyus have to be racist

      • to iwannabekorean : Stop defending stupid koreans because at the end, they will not care about what you’re trying to do here.

  10. isn’t it ironic that koreans are coming here to the philippines because of the low cost of living, and yet for us filipinos we find the cost of living here hard? for example, a kilo of rice here is now 25 pesos (nfa) (sa hirap ng buhay hindi ko na alam kung ano na presyo ng fancy, hehe)

    for koreans that’s a cheap price. yet for us pinoys, it’s expensive. hay naalala ko pa when rice cost 16 pesos.

  11. I had to reply to brady after his rant. Neo-nazi speak? No, it is just plain, transparent korean.

    You see brady, if your country didn’t get help from the US, you would still be the poorest country in Asia. If Japan didn’t teach you how to make cars, you’d still be pushing oxcarts.

    You say Filipino culture is shallow? Look at poor little Korea, a poor copy of China. Most of the words you use are Chinese, and the rest is konglish. Most of the world doesn’t care what little korea is doing. No tourists go there, and when business people go, they hate the place and the people.

    Koreans are the most racist people on earth. They hate the Japanese, they hate the Chinese, they hate their benefactor the US, they hate the jews and of course they hate everyone from South East Asia and everybody with black skin. Hey, they even hate the North koreans.

    Korea is the worst country that I have been to. The people are rude; they think they are superior to any other race. But yet, they feel inferior to american people. Maybe because their dicks are unusualy small?

    Your little korean mind, your little korean brainwashed thinking doesn’t allow you to see that the Philippines is much more attractive than the shit place you call home. Look at the number of foreign visitors to the Philippines compared to sad-face pathetic little korea.

    Korean men are notoriously infamous with their women. Beat them up and all. And when they come to the Philippines, they are even worse to the Filipinos and Filipinas. You read about it in the paper all the time.

    brady, you are an ugly korean, insecure, jealous, brainwashed, stupid and arrogant, like everyone in your pathetic little copy-of-China place.

    One news for you, in case you didn’t know: korea hates everyone but everyone hates korea.

    brady, you should stay home in your pathetic little kyeong gi do. Nobody will go and visit.

    And, last and formost, don’t forget to keep the korean race pure.

  12. Hey Filipinos, i ask you all to don’t bother the Korean addicted to starcraft… Their national sport and the only thing that they are good at.
    I feel pity to a race who all look the same and work like robots to factories. i feel pity to a race who are so insecure, jealous and full of anger deep inside because they know whatever they do and achieve the world would see them as second class citizens.
    You’re race are such a*******.We are sick of you’re arrogance and disrespect to us. No wonder people like CHO are born from you’re race full of FAG****.



  13. Wow, looks like you guys tore Brady a new one. As an impartial observer, many of the things said by both sides, sadly, carry some truth. The description of Filipinos, at least when applied to a certain class, may be accurate. However Mr. Brady, so are most of the things pointed out about your people. In fact, I’d say the stereotypes about Koreans (especially the part about having small dicks) are true far more times than the ones you have cast upon Filipinos.

    As someone else said, don’t forget your country was shit before mighty whitey came and taught your “people” how to…well, do everything, and Now your people act as if you own the world. Kinda funny, eh?

    To be honest, most Westerners still consider Korea a developing country. Get the fuck over it and stop acting like you are better than Filipinos.

  14. Yes, it is indeed true that the majority of impoverished Filipinos are lazy and irresponsible. What’s more, they just love to complain and complain while sitting on their asses doing nothing to make better of the situation!

    Corruption is rampant and greedy people in high positions are abusing their power. Now if only they thought more about the Philippines and not just themselves we’d probably living in a better place right now.

    Most Filipinos are also afraid to take risks that’s why those that have brilliant ideas get turned down by companies because they’re too afraid.

    I could go on and on…

    BUT THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE HERE! If only your people would behave and show some respect to us when they’re just GUESTS in our country then maybe your people wouldn’t be hated! You reap what you sow.

    I noticed the Koreans aren’t rude to me because they usually mistake me for a Korean and would often greet and talk to me in Hanggul. Some were still nice once they find out I’m a Filipino and befriended me. But for my other friends who don’t have East Asian features and have darker skin tones… Well let’s just say, they have had a couple of horrible encounters.

    And not all Filipino women are whores! How dare you say that? The poor women, who don’t have the necessary skills/requirements to land a proper job with decent pay to support themselves and their families, are forced to sell their bodies. It is sad but that’s the reality. Same goes with other prostitutes all over the globe!

    TO ALL FILIPINOS OUT THERE! Let’s unite and work together to help uplift our country’s economic state!

    Alas, if it were only that easy to persuade every one especially those who hold high positions in our government… We’re all talk and no action.

    And people! Insulting others wouldn’t make you any better than the other. We should learn to accept our mistakes and change ourselves for the better!

      • Did you read the post properly iwannabekorean?

        read this —

        excerpt from Filipino’s post:

        “I noticed the Koreans aren’t rude to me because they usually mistake me for a Korean and would often greet and talk to me in Hanggul. Some were still nice once they find out I’m a Filipino and befriended me. But for my other friends who don’t have East Asian features and have darker skin tones… Well let’s just say, they have had a couple of horrible encounters.”


        HEY LOOK BUDDY — SOUTH KOREANS ARE STILL AT IT… How would you respect that?

  15. koreans will stay there for a long time. it wont end. and u guys have to learn how to respect each others race so the country can also be better.

  16. think a bout it. koreans are gonna end up marrying filipinos in our country. then they will have kids pretty soon. the the children will be half filipino half korean. and of course the racism wil eventually stop. theyre just trying to make it a better country for the 100000000 time

    • Same thing happened with the Chinese. Who’s the boss now? The Filipino-Chinese right?

      When Koreans cross-breed with Filipinos, who are gonna be the bosses?

      The Filipino-Koreans and the Filipino-Chinese.

      Where will be the true Filipinos?

      Down there… working like a dog!

      …or perhaps in the endless exodus of OFW stints abroad.

      Actually it is already happening.

  17. I worked with Koreans before and I liked it at first. However, when I knew all the crazy and illegal things that they are doing here, I changed the way I think about them.

    In general, most Koreans here in the Philippines are assholes!

    Specially Lee Tae-jong (Thomas Lee) of Discovery International Language Center in 4/F Virata Hall, ISSI Bldg., University of the Philippines – Diliman.

    This guy and most Korean language center (on-line or man-to-man) owners here do not observe the Philippine Labor Code. They even use counterfeit books; and, pirated WindowsTM and other computer softwares for their language centers.

    This guy is an abusive employer who does not follow Philippine labor laws.


    There are many other abusive Korean businessmen here in the Philippines who violate Philippine laws.

    One for example is Sonamoo Mart in Centerpoint Bldg. in Ortigas. I asked for an official receipt for some books that I bought there but they did not gave me one. Aside from not giving me an official receipt, they charged me with value added tax (VAT) and other taxes from my purchase.


    These are just some additional situations for Filipinos to hate Koreans!


    Most younger Koreans do not even know that the Filipinos helped to liberate them from the threat of communism during the Korean War.

    The Philippine contingent was actually bigger than the French contingent but they only remember the French.

    Fuck that!

    These Koreans are really ingrate.

    Not only for that but as well as to the English teachers who are teaching them.


    Get out of our country you fucking gooks!


  18. not all koreans here are same as what you think, like a filipinos they have also bad and good personalities.. dont judge ALL korean just becoz others dont do good things in you..

  19. Racist = small minded.
    No country is inferior or superior than the next.

    Having pride in one’s own country, I understand.
    But taking it to the point where you feel that your are better than others is stupid.

    But I highy doubt ALL Korreans are racist towards Filipinos.
    Don’t generalize, you haven’t met every single Korean in the world. A lot of Koreans and Filipinos get along great.

  20. I am an American who spends 2-3 months a year in PI. I grew up with Pinoys in the USA, so food and culture were familiar to me from my first visit. I, obviously, think highly of the country and its people.

    The worst thing in RP are the hoards of Koreanos. They are truly disgusting. In Davao, the common perception among my friends and acquaintances is “Koreanos think they are the masters of Davao”. For those of you not familiar with Davao, it is a clean, law & order city. These Korean pigs spit everywhere, smoke in public, and assault the locals at will. They are really sub-human.

    My idea of expanding the DDS into the KDS has gotten a great reception from my friends. KDS = Koreano Death Squad.

  21. I used to adore Koreans but now they’re just full of shit! They try to be perfect by materializing themselves with things.I think that Koreans need to stop thinking about other and think about themselves I mean seriously Koreans are pretty people but its all done by plastic surgery!

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