Why Blog?

Such question with unapparent answers needs to be cogitated further. Why blog? Wait, before you become nonplus, let me say my piece. I blog because….

1.) I feel freedom in saying what I want to say regardless if the person concern can read it or not. The whole point is, intense feeling is released without doing any harm to others.

2.) I have met quite a number of online friends. As virtual as it is, I share the same amount of respect to them just like friends in my immediate “world’.

3.) I am a self-confessed geek. Keeping abreast of what’s happening in the IT world keeps me sane.

4.) Blog hopping is indefatigable. Reading blogs from all over the planet gives me zest for traveling. Reading is traveling.

5.) I am an aspiring technopreneur, taking my time in learning things that I should.

In Shai Coggin’s blog, she mentioned really sensible reasons to blog. In one way or the other, I can relate to what she posted.


Let me shoot this question to you, my pals. Ask yourselves. Why blog?


4 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. LOL. Thing is, YOU are the only Tingting Rimart too. And, I’m sure you’ll do just great. I wish you well and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures in technopreneurship. 😀

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